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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - Skill... Or Luck Trophy Achievement
in this vid I manage to get a 10 kill streak, this is not a guide simply a round of Bio hazard!
The Trophy Doesn't pop because I had already managed to do it.

I'm attempting to make guides that are both quick & informative 
so there's less watching & more playing, its a work in progress! 
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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City - Mission 1 Containment S+ Walkthrough
This is an S+ run on the first Mission Containment.
You will only have to fight soldiers and cerberus dogs in this mission. Just shoot everything that moves. There is no real strategy required in this mission since it is really easy and straight forward. Use the Samurai Edge to shoot out of cover. To make your shots more accurate aim out of cover for 2-3 seconds and quickly shoot one enemy. When the mutated boss appears you will need to run away from him. Just shoot his eye (on his right shoulder) if he tries to tackle you.

Target Scores:
Kills: 32
Deaths: 1
Items Collected: 12
Clear Time: 25:00

Happy Gaming.
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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City - A Bloody Good Time Trophy Achievement Guide
In this guide we tackle the "A Bloody Good Time " Trophy.
Best Farm Location: Literally anywhere with Spec Ops Soldiers and of course zombies.

This is a combat related trophy and it can be done either in Campaign Mode or Versus Mode. For the trophy, you must simply kill 5 enemies with Blood Frenzy in a single Campaign Mode mission or a multiplayer match. A blood frenzy is when either a player or and Spec Ops Solider is sustained too much damage and lost a large amount of blood. This will trigger blood frenzy as the player or Spec Ops Soldier is now bleeding and cannot stop it. This will cause the surrounding zombies in the area to catch the scent of the blood and will get excited and hungry as they attack you or either the Spec ops Soldier who's bleeding. Below are the two methods to causing blood frenzy:
1.If you're the one bleeding, then simply kill over 5 zombies or other enemies as quickly as possible.
2.The second method is to shoot Spec Ops Soldiers in the stomach until they're bleeding in order to bait zombies into attacking and killing them.
Happy Gaming.

Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City - The Loyalists - Died Trying - A Hero Spared! Trophy Achievement Guide
This guide shows the three available endings for Resident Evil ORC.
Died Trying - Attempt "The Rescue" and fail.
A Hero Spared! - Attempt "The Rescue" and survive.
The Loyalists - Follow orders and defeat all liabilities.
Happy Gaming.

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Monday, 19 March 2012

Resident Evil 4 HD - The Castellen Falls Trophy Achievement Guide

Reign420 Trophy Card
Allo Allo,
This is a storyline related trophy and cannot be missed. At the end of Chapter 4-4 you'll be racing up a tower to confront Salazar, once you make it to the top you'll see a Merchant a Typewriter and a doorway leading to Salazar. Defeat the hideously changed Salazar to earn this trophy.

Salazar is the trickiest boss fight in the game and has a lot going on at once.
Before we go on understand how this room is, you're on an elevated platform with two tentacles (one on each side) and Salazar's tentacle in the middle. Run to one of the sides of the room (I prefer the right side) to avoid Salazar's tentacle attack. If you are in the middle of the room he will do an unavoidable instant-kill attack. The tentacles will continuously attack you but every attack can be dodged with a contextual command. If the tentacle is too much for you to handle you can shoot it and it'll withdraw for a while.

Look at Salazar's tentacle, that huge yellow eye is its weak spot. You will need to shoot it to open up Salazar's actual weak point. You'll know when you shot the tentacle if your attack releases a yellowish splash. After damaging the tentacle enough it'll keel over in pain and Salazar's weak point will open up (he's atop the middle tentacle). Attack Salazar until his protection covers him again. Now repeat shooting the tentacles eye and then attacking Salazar directly until he dies.

If you run low on ammunition you can drop down to the lower area. Salazar cannot attack you there, however there are infinitely spawning Las Plagas down there.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Resident Evil 4 HD - Trophy Achievement Guide Part II

In this guide:
A Terrifying Assassin - Turn the tables on Verdugo, the right hand of Salazar.

The Ties That Bind - Defeat Krauser, your former partner, in battle.

We're Going Home - Defeat Saddler in battle, and escape from the nightmare.

I realise that some of these Trophies are unmissable but I like making guides! Nuff said!

More than happy to answer any questions, all guides on Normal Mode!

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Resident Evil 4 HD - Trophy Achievement Guide Part I
Hello all,
In this guide I cover the following Trophies:

It Begins With a Ring: Ring the mysterious bell. What happens after that, is up to you!

Do Not Shoot the Water!: Summon the master of the lake. Don't rock the boat.

A Rock and a Hard Place: Outmaneuver the rampaging beast, El Gigante.

A Bloodline Severed: Defeat the village chief in battle.

I realise that some of these Trophies are unmissable but I like making guides! Nuff said!
More than happy to answer any questions, all guides on Normal Mode!

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Monday, 30 January 2012

5 Zombies that aren't Zombies....but are Zombies?

Sometimes, just sometimes.....what makes or breaks a game is the villain....not the story.....not the graphics....and on the rare occasion.........not even the gameplay.

A good villain makes you feel like a good hero, and there's nothing better than kicking it's ass and winning out against something so horrific or ridiculous that if you ever saw it in real would either make you scream like a little girl, or at the very least question your own sanity. 

As gamers, we fight numerous monsters, robots, demons and assorted beasts that give an element of substance to the constant hacking, slashing and shooting that we enjoy so much.

One of the most popular enemies to appear in video games is also one of the most popular in movies, and depending on the game, is certainly a firm personal favorite of mine. - THE ZOMBIE!!!!!

In the last few years, Zombies have made a comeback (sort of their defining factor, I guess) in almost every method of media possible. In fact one of my favorite TV series at the moment is "The Walking Dead" which is all the scary bits of a zombie movie with some decent acting thrown in for a nice change.

Zombies in all their different forms have been in so many games that it would be pointless to mention them all. It's probably nearing the point that it's comparable to the appearance of Elves and Dwarves in Fantasy books or movies.

And yet, every time I play a game that has Zombie's in it, there's always that moment of fear. Whether it's the fear of being bitten, eaten or of being overrun.

Of course sometimes these Zombies aren't technically Zombies. I mean......Zombies as we know them are human (or at least used to be) and are generally feasting for brains. These are how the movies have always depicted them, but video games are sometimes a little more creative in this.

These are some of our favorite Zombies....that aren't Zombies......but are Zombies.

The Lambent - Gears of War series

Here's what we know about what is supposed to make a zombie. It used to be a human, but is now missing it's intelligence and subsequently wants eating your brain.

 Never mind the logic of that, but a zombie doesn't have a any logic anymore so there we go. Infected by a virus or maybe some alien influence, a Zombies body is not what it used to be (due to that annoying necrosis that is probably responsible for the loss of brain power as well), so therefore it's falling apart and unsurprisingly........a little upset.

It's very unfair to classify zombies this way because who's to say a zombie has to have been a human?

The Locust swarm from the Gears of War series were pretty nasty to begin with. But it's kind of obvious from the very beginning that they're monstrous, unrelenting but also a very proud race.

Along comes the Lambent Virus and infects them. Now they have no mind of their own......they're way more vicious and bloodthirsty.......and also....a little upset.

Sound familiar? Lambent = Locust Zombie.

The Necromorph - Dead Space series

Few enemies are as terrifying as the Necromorph from the Dead Space Series. Try playing Dead Space in the dark with surround sound....alone.

The result is uncontrollable shaking, lack of sleep, heart palpitations and unexpected bowl movements.

They're dead people (check), don't seem to have a logical mind (check), want to eat you (check) and they're REALLY pissed off about something (check). Oh, and they have spiky parts sticking out of their body.

Not Zombies?.........I beg to differ.

Yes, they look a little different, they move a lot faster and can't be killed by a head shot.

That just makes them UBER-ZOMBIES PEOPLE!!!!!!!

The Thing - The Thing (movie and video game)

Is it a Zombie?, is it an Alien, is it a Shapeshifter?'s all of the above and you'll never know which one of your friends it's pretending to be.

Ok, granted it's not a dead person...but when it can kill and then imitate a dead person, that almost makes it the same.

In the Video Game there was more of them.
No trips to the Antarctic for me, thanks.....I'd rather stay at home.

The Las Plagas - Resident Evil 4 and 5

Resident Evil was always one of those games that defined the zombie genre in video games. Even when the zombies mysteriously disappeared and instead were replaced by angry parasite-infected villagers, they still managed to bring the fear.

The Las Plagas maintained some of their intelligence, but were still hungry for blood. Also, headshots were often a bad thing, with the parasites often protruding from the severed head to kill you.

This one moment defined this creature as a Zombie for me......No head and still trying to kill me....yup, you're a Zombie.

The Licker - Resident Evil series

If any creature in the Reident Evil series scared me senseless, it was the Licker.

Half human, and half.......don't really know for was such an absurd creature, with it's lack of skin, incredibly long tongue and apparent complete lack of eyes, it was definitely one of scariest creatures in a game.

Never mind the fact that it creeped effortlessly along the walls and was definitely something haunt or dreams.

It was infected with a derivative of the same virus that created the zombies in the it's a Zombie!!!

If any these creatures aren't actually Zombies....then what is?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Pixelcast Episode 2 - 3DS demos, SOPA and Mass Effect with Kinect

The Pixelcast Episode 2 - 3DS demos, SOPA and Mass Effect with Kinect  is up on the site, so feel free to check it out. Please note that Podcasts will be published every two weeks from now on.

Follow the link below to listen or to download -

This week we talk about:

  • Resident Evil Revelations and the recent Demo released on the 3DS
  • Other Demos coming to PS3
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Farcry 3
  • SOPA (Stop Online Software Act)
  • Resident Evil 6 rumors
  • Mass Effect Kinect Integration
Don't forget to email us with any questions at

Previous Episodes can be found on iTunes at - The Pixelcast on iTunes


Friday, 20 January 2012

Resident Evil 6 Official Trailer

Here is the Resident Evil 6 trailer as promised earlier.

The most notable fact about the trailer that makes me ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC, is that it looks like the zombies from the original game are back with a vengeance!!!!


Resident Evil 6 officially announced by Capcom

Earlier this week rumors surfaced that Resident Evil 6 would be coming soon.

The rumors made the rounds due to a website that showed pictures of a building that had the words "No hope left" written on the side, along with the Bioharzard symbol (The Japanese name for the Resident Evil series).

There was also a video clip of a chinese woman who appeared to be terrified of an unknown threat that she was hiding from.

Discussed briefly in our podcast recorded yesterday evening (and to be posted this weekend), the news hit today that this is in fact a reality.

Capcom has officially announced that Resident Evil 6 is indeed on it's way to Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC on 20th of November.

Details of the story have been revealed as taking place 10 years after the Raccoon City incident from the first 3 games. It will follow both Leon Kennedy (from Resident Evil 4) and Chris Redfield (Resident Evil 5) as they take on bio-terrorist attacks set in America as well as China.

The President of the United States chooses to finally reveal the truth behind the Raccoon City Incident, believing it would help in preventing a series of current Bio-terrorism threats from continuing.

Leon Kennedy (The President's close friend and one of the survivors from the orginal threat) is by his side when the venue is subjected to a bio-terrorist attack where the President is transformed. Leon is faced with the daunting task of dealing with his close friend and leader as a monster.

At the same time, Chris Redfield (another survivor from the first game) is busy investigating terrorist attacks in China, eventually leading to other worldwide locations with the rest of the world being under similar threat.

I will be posting the first trailer for the game later this evening.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS New Features

If you own a Nintendo 3DS as a hardcore gamer, then you're probably as excited as I am for Resident Evil Revelations. Going back to it's single player roots (as opposed to Resident Evil Mercenaries for 3DS), this game looks incredible and well worth the wait.

The first notable thing is that Capcom has openly stated that the story is better than any of the previous games - an interesting comment considering the story was written by Dai Sato (better known as the writer of  Anime series like Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop.) This will also be the first in the Resident Evil series where the story is not written by Capcom themselves. The game will apparently feature more cliffhangers with more unique structure than the previous games.

Another feature will be the inclusion of a setting that will allow you to push the 3D effect of the game further than the existing slider on the side of the 3DS. This means that the 3D effect of the game will be more noticeably defined and more immersive, perhaps even making the game even scarier.

Raid mode is a co-op game mode that will be set apart from the single player campaign where you will have constant waves of enemies to fight. Although this will be similar to Resident Evil Mercenaries, it will have fewer levels and (about 20 in total) New weapons will be awarded upon completion of levels, with your score determining which weapons you unlock.

Your Nintendo Play Coins that you receive from walking around during the day will also have a use within the game, but Capcom has not said exactly what you'll be able to purchase with them. Those who did play through the pre-release code did mention that there were options to purchase items and weapons with play coins, however that has not been confirmed for final release next year.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Resident Evil Retrospect, and it's future on the 3DS

What makes a series like Resident Evil so popular? A story that has been told since the early Playstation 1 era, of shambling zombies, limited ammo and obscure puzzles.

Capcom has diligently added more and more chapters to the ever evolving storyline that has captured the hearts and minds of so many a gamer. But as its stories develop so do the play styles. Even the genre has changed a bit, with mixed reactions from fans. Yet the fan base has continued to grow, along with the games themselves.

But what is the allure? Is it the zombies? They've changed just as much as any part of the game. From shambling horrors to ill-intent cultists who want nothing more than to use you to appease their 'gods'.

Could it be the puzzles? I seriously doubt it. The puzzles shifted away from moving statues and placing gems, to a more "shoot everything that moves until the doors open" style. The removal of complicated puzzles definitely opens up the game to those who...let's say.... prefer guns to do their thinking. I guess with the flood of FPS on consoles Capcom needed to attract the new gaming demographic of kids who go into apoplectic shock if there isn't an explosion or gunshot fired within a range of 5 minutes.

What about the story? On one hand, anyone who's played a Capcom game knows that the scripts are either written by someone who's just watched a weekend marathon of cult classic zombie flicks or, more recently, gung ho action dramas. In other words, they won't be winning anything for most compelling story anytime soon. But this is what hooked me as a fan of the game series. The writing has always been so clichéd, so contrived, that I couldn't wait to find out what would happen anyway.

Being a fan of cult classics, zombie movies, action flicks and even kung fu cinema, I fell in love with the series immediately. Even the later bigger budget games gave off a "B-movie" vibe and that's what I believe holds people's attention. Resident Evil has been around for 3 console generations, and even made appearance on the handhelds. The only other names that have pulled that off usually fall into Nintendo's bag of tricks. So this cannot be attributed to graphics, music, voice-acting (which has some of the most hilariously camp expressions to ever come out of video gaming) or even it's sometimes-awkward control scheme.

I truly believe that our species' love for silly action movies and clichéd adventuring is what keeps this series alive.

So what can we hope to see from 3DS' upcoming Resident Evil : Revelations? Well, The Mercenaries has a little demo which gives off some decent gameplay elements and a good helping to the environment of the game. It still has those action elements of RE 4 and 5, but it looks like it's bringing back the original feel of "OHMYGOSHWHATISTHAT!!!!" empty-your-clip-then-run-for-your-life monsters!

Capcom seems to know that the 3DS has a lot of classic gamers at their disposal, and might bring something new via something old to the table. The action controls of The Mercenaries mixed in with the pants-wetting ambience of the original titles.

One of the things I noticed, though it could be just the demo, was the scarcity of ammo. I hope they keep this in, as this is a sure-fire way to keep the tensions high. Silent Hill as another example not only makes ammo limited, but also make the guns hard to use. Since our Resident Evil heroes are trained professionals we can't expect the same thing. But limited ammo, in confined spaces and hideous beasts?

Play all the fears just right......... and you'll have gamers' hearts pumping and even begging for more!
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