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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Most Bad-Ass Heroes in Gaming (Part 1)

Video game characters are by far the most unique and interesting characters in any form of media available today. From Villains to Heroes (and everything in between), their personalities and traits are often way over the top and sometimes several times larger than life.

None more so than the Heroes we play.

However many of the heroes we play in Video Games aren't exactly squeaky clean. (often completely the opposite)

They are in fact anti-hero's. Wikipedia describes the anti-hero as the following -  "the anti-hero is generally considered to be a protagonist whose character is contrary to that of the archetypal hero, yet typically retains many heroic qualities."

Here is Part 1 of my list of 13 gaming "anti-hero's" that are as bad-ass as they come.

13.) Red Bird (Angry Birds)

Angry Birds, Dante, Game Characters, Game Heroes, Game Anti-Heroes, Jim Raynor, Duke Nukem, Article, Future Pixel
He's Angry...He's Red...And he's Tough. The leader of the Angry Birds, he's generally first in line to be catapulted towards unsuspecting pigs. He's also ruthless, because he often chooses to attack the pigs during the holidays. Some may argue he's just getting his revenge, but the look in his eyes shows a hatred unlike any other bird known to man.....and maybe a glint of sadistic pleasure as well.

12.) Raynor (Starcraft 2)

Angry Birds, Dante, Game Characters, Game Heroes, Game Anti-Heroes, Jim Raynor, Duke Nukem, Article, Future Pixel
The main protagonist from the Starcraft series (more recently in StarCraft 2:Wings of Liberty), Captain Jim Raynor has generally had a rough time at the hands of the Zerg.

He's used to war, and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty to make sure the job gets done.

He's an angry guy, but he keeps his cool under pressure.

Oh yeah, and he's still a bit upset with his old boss over losing the love of his live (Kerrigan) when she gets infested and turned by the Zerg into the Queen of Blades. Also, he also made one of his best friends turn against him.

I don't envy that guy one bit when Raynor gets his hands on him.

11.) Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV)

Angry Birds, Dante, Game Characters, Game Heroes, Game Anti-Heroes, Jim Raynor, Duke Nukem, Article, Future Pixel
The Main Character in Grand Theft Auto 4, Niko Bellic is has a rough past to deal with. He tries his best to escape his old life by traveling from Eastern Europe to America, but his criminal past catches up to him (thanks to his cousin) and he ends up having to resort to some drastic and violent measures to get by.

He's willing to do anything to get by, and although he is a reluctant criminal, he finds the violence easy after his many years in the Yugoslav wars and his criminal background since then.

Stealing cars, Selling drugs and being a Hitman for hire are all in a days work for Niko these days. 

10.) Dante (Devil May Cry)

Angry Birds, Dante, Game Characters, Game Heroes, Game Anti-Heroes, Jim Raynor, Duke Nukem, Article, Future Pixel
Dante love for demon-hunting is only matched by his love for Pizza and Strawberry Sundaes (preferably with extra strawberry's). 

Don't let that fool you though....Dante is definitely a badass!!!

Being half demon / half human he has some devastating powers available to him, but his ability to utilize massive swords and duel-wielding handguns are his primary form of attack.

.......and he wears a red trenchcoat.

 Nuff said!!!!

9.) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7)

Angry Birds, Dante, Game Characters, Game Heroes, Game Anti-Heroes, Jim Raynor, Duke Nukem, Article, Future Pixel
Cloud began his military career as a gentically enhanced member of "SOLDIER" (an Elite military group in the Shinra Army), and ended up as a mercenary for hire after leaving the group.

Constantly troubled by his past and unconcerned with anything other than the mission at hand, he struggles to deal with the losses he has suffered.

His sword (The Buster Sword) is one of the largest in gaming history and deals a great deal of damage (especially later in the game)

The only other Character more badass in Final Fantasy 7 was Sephiroth (Cloud's old Mentor and eventual Nemesis and main Antagonist) 

8.) Kain (Legacy of Kain)

Angry Birds, Dante, Game Characters, Game Heroes, Game Anti-Heroes, Jim Raynor, Duke Nukem, Article, Future Pixel
Kain used to be a Nobleman, until he died and was turned into a Vampire. Kain is given the opportunity to kill those who killed him and to become human again, but after eventually killing his Assassins he decides against becoming human. Instead, he becomes a vampire lord who takes over the land for himself.

Kain follows his own motives and goals and is willing to do absolutely anything to achieve them.

Within the series, he has played Hero and Villain and is definitely both in many ways.

Further games in the series have seen the rise of another anti-hero - Raziel, who also deserves mentioning due to his soul-leeching abilities.

So that's the first 6 on the list.

Check back soon to see Part 2, and to find out who's number 1 on my list of gaming badasses!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Angry Birds : Space Released Tomorrow

The official sequel to Angry Birds is released tomorrow on IOS, Mac, Android and PC.

Titled "Angry Birds : Space", it will be using some interesting gravity-based features to add to the existing gameplay dynamic.

Check out the official trailer below:

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Angry Birds coming to Facebook on Valentines Day!!

Everyone's favorite birds are coming to Facebook on Valentines day!!!!

Check out the video below.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Unintentional Irony after Christmas Dinner

This is what I looked like after a positively MASSIVE Christmas dinner comprised of Gammon, Chicken, Lamb, Potatoes, Squash and other assorted vegetables. After my second plate of food I suddenly realized that my Angry Birds T-shirt was ironically the most fitting and highly symbolic piece of clothing I could have possibly worn.........This Little Piggy went Boom?.......almost!!!!

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