Wednesday, 17 October 2012

XCOM - Enemy Unknown 2012 - Angel of Death Trophy Achievement Guide

For this Trophy you need to have researched the Archangel Armor, which has flight capabilities.

XCOM - Enemy Unknown 2012 - Poison Control - Trophy Achievement

Hi there,
Today we have the Poison Control Trophy Achievement for XCOM - Enemy Unknown.
I've edited it quite a bit but its still lengthy, hope it helps!
NOTE: Moving your squad members even one space to the left or one space to the
right can change the whole battle as it will affect which way the aliens
will run when they see you. So this is just one, of hopefully many, tactics.

XCOM - Enemy Unknown 2012 - Wet Work Trophy Achievement

For this Trophy you need to complete a very difficult abduction mission in 5 turns or less.
It took me about 8 tries, be sure to save loads!
Any questions feel free!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Borderlands 2 Review - Guns and Loot for everyone!!

The first Borderlands game took me completely by surprise.

And to be totally honest, when I first played Borderlands I thought I was in for the usual stock-standard First Person Shooter with a select set of guns and a linear (and ultimately boring) campaign.

Boy was I wrong!!

At the time, my lack of knowledge regarding this game was actually to my benefit, and every single preconception I had about it (negative preconceptions at least) was blown away at every turn.

I discovered very quickly that 2k games’ combination of a First Person Shooter and Role-playing Game ACTUALLY worked well, and even though it had been tried before…this was the first time that it was done right.

The unique cell-shaded graphical style and quirky comedy had me intrigued from the very beginning and once I unlocked my main ability to throw out a stand-alone turret (playing as Roland, the soldier class), I started to realize the sheer number of available options and strategies that the RPG dynamic truly allowed.

I must have put in at least 100 hours into the game, and it kept my interest for a very long time, and with the 4 expansion packs that were released for the game, I kept coming back for more.

Of course, that was back in 2009 and eventually I stopped playing…but the impression it left on me was certainly profound.

In 2011 Borderlands 2 was announced and the first of the 4 available classes were shown – The Gunzerker. Immediately I could see that the character classes were even more interesting than in the first game.

And thus began my wait for my next Borderlands fix. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

When I eventually received my copy of Borderlands 2 (it was delayed in South Africa, much to my shock and horror), I rushed home to power up the Xbox and eagerly inserted the disk.

As much as I wanted to start up my character and start shooting things with reckless abandon, I ended up spending a good few hours watching the introductory sequence (several times) and creating characters for all 4 classes.

The introductory cinematic alone is enough to impress. Beginning similarly to the introduction of the first Borderlands, your first instinct is that it's just more of the same. It soon became apparent though that 2k planned this all along, and it quickly turns into an action packed and informative character demonstration which helps you in your initial choice of class.

Watch the Introduction Cutscene Below 

My first excursion to Pandora (The planet the game is set on) saw me only using one character, but this time I was determined to use every class on offer, and while the first game gave you some basic color choices for your character to make them your own…Borderlands 2 goes out of its way to allow you to customize your character to a much larger degree.

You can now choose many different heads / haircuts and skins for each character which are unique to their class.

Granted, this definitely isn’t The Sims (and that’s a good thing), but the most unique aspect of this addition is that Character customizations are now dropped by enemies as loot, or purchasable from vending machines. It’s a small change, but one that should appeal to the collector in you nonetheless.

Once the game started, it became immediately clear that 2k had addressed many of the issues that players had with the first game.

The much loved CL4P-TP (or Claptrap) takes you through the beginning of the game, and keeps things fresh with a comedic approach to teaching you the basics. While in Borderlands 1 the focus was on mindless grinding for the first few levels to reach more interesting points in the game, Borderlands 2 keeps things fresh and exciting from the start by providing new enemies to fight against and showing you just how unique weapons can actually be.

This time around the weapons are even more easily distinguishable by their Manufacturer, as each manufacturers guns have different benefits. Some guns can be thrown as grenades when reloaded, while other guns have a higher rate of fire or increased elemental damage.

The brand new Bandit guns also have the largest magazine sizes of any weapon type.(2 examples are shown below) 

Grenades follow the same line here, and are even more unique at times. Many of the separate qualities the grenades possessed in the first game are combined to give you something special to take into battle.

Badass points are a welcome addition to the game, as any stat increases they provide are carried over to all your characters. Badass Rank replaces the previous challenge system, but instead allows you to choose the benefits from a random selection of 5 stats to increase.

Enemies are a lot more diverse and interesting in Borderlands 2, and can be even more of a challenge than in the first game.You should go in prepared to die a lot at first, but thankfully the spawn points generally take you to a close enough location to continue the battle from where you left off.

The environments are also a lot more varied than the wastelands of Borderlands 1, and now include areas covered in Ice, grassy plains, ashen landscapes and many other types of terrain.

The Main characters within the game have been far more thought out, and the combinations of particular abilities are extremely useful when playing Multiplayer. 

Check out the "Borderlands 2 - An introduction by Sir Hammerlock" video below to get an overall idea of the game and what it entails.


While the game can be played single player, and is perfectly competent as a solo game, it is designed to be played as a co-op multiplayer experience (up to 4 players). Enemies will all scale to the amount of players in the team as well as the level of the players, but the guns and equipment dropped will also scale in the same way.

Some enemies are designed to be approached with 4 players in your team as well, and attempting to take down “Terramorpheus the invincible” on your own (and not with the four level 50 characters that are recommended) will only result in constant death.

The first Borderlands only really became interesting after a few hours of gameplay, and once you really had a chance to see what it had to offer you were inevitably hooked. Borderlands 2 gets you hooked from the very beginning and keeps you wanting to come back for more.

You’d be hard pressed to find a sequel that matches the improvements, innovations and addictiveness that Borderlands 2 provides.

Loads of Downloadable content is scheduled to be released in the coming months. (Including a new character to play as, new vehicles and expansions)

If you enjoy First Person Shooters, Role Playing Games…or just games in general, then this is certainly a worthwhile buy and will keep you busy for a long time to come.

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