Friday, 14 September 2012

Borderlands 2 - Time to prepare for madness

Borderlands 2, Xbox, PC, PS3, FPS, RPG

Borderlands 2 is easily my most anticipated game of the year.

And yes, that includes brilliant games already released this year like Diablo3, as well as upcoming games like Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Torchlight 2, Guild wars 2 and any other release with or without a number in it.

Those of you who haven't played the first Borderlands may think I'm insane, but of course I think you're ALL insane for not having played it yet. Those who have played it...know exactly what I'm talking about.

2k Games took a big risk with their brilliant First Person Shooter RPG, and I must admit that up until it was released, I had very little idea what I was in store for.

While I originally thought of it as just another FPS to further saturate the genre, it ended up proving to me that a First Person Shooter can have an amazing RPG mechanic and that the "Diablo as a FPS" analogy described was as true as it could be.(Hellgate London had already tried this with little success)

And now on the 21st of September, we can finally play the sequel and my additional purchase of a bucket for my drool will definitely be a good buy...with good reason.

Here are some interesting differences and additions to the sequel that should make things even more interesting, and to prepare you further...I have included links to the Skill Calculators for the main classes so that you can map out how you want to level up your character.

More expansive and customizable weapons system

The first game had over 7 million different variations of guns, and if the Borderlands 2 Doomsday trailer is anything to go by then 2k looks to up that number substantially. (not to Gazillion though…that’s not a real number) Add to this that the looks of the guns will vary far more than the first game and the different types of loot you can pick up is astounding. Weapons are also displayed on your character's back when not in use, so that you can show them off in multiplayer.  

 Four Player driftable vehicles

Vehicles were fun for the most part in the first game, but didn’t allow four people to get into the same one. When wanting to take the entire team through to one location this might eliminate the slight annoyance of taking separate vehicles. The ability to drift will give the cars a much needed improvement to the realism of driving in the game. 

Dynamic Quest System

Quests will now effect the outcome of the game and failing certain quests will make a difference later on. Also, depending on which quests you complete, more quests will open up to the player.

Badass Points that carry over to all existing characters

Badass points will be earned by reaching certain goals in the game (killing a certain amount of a particular enemy etc.) These points can be used to add additional bonuses to you character, such as increased accuracy. These points don’t necessarily need to be spent on that character though and can be used with any other character you’ve created in the game. 

Increase in number of NPC’s that travel the world

In the previous Borderlands game, the NPC’s were situated in the towns and other important areas of the game, making the landscapes appear even more barren and lifeless.This time, these characters will travel around the world and give the world a greater sense of completeness.

Interactivity between enemies

Enemies will now interact with each other in more diverse ways in order to eliminate you and your team. They will attempt to heal each other, use each other as shield and work together to create a more dynamic and interesting battle. 

More diverse landscapes

The environments in Borderlands were very rarely anything but desert and wasteland, and at times seemed a little too dreary and desolate for the colorful nature of the game. Borderlands 2 looks to change that significantly by adding new areas with snow, foliage, a space station and plenty more. 

New elemental effect – Slag

The new elemental effect in Borderlands called Slag looks to be an interesting addition. Slag coats the enemies and weakens them for a short time. Any other type of damage taken by the enemy will be greatly increased while they are coated in Slag.

Improved Character Customization options and lootable skins

The Customization options in the first game were limited to 3 categorized color changes to hair, clothing and trim and were incredibly limited by this. Whilst giving enough variation to distinguish characters from each other to a small degree, It just wasn’t enough to give your character it’s own personal touch. Borderlands 2 will allow you to really make your character your own. Hair styles, clothing and facial hair will all be changeable to make you character look exactly as you want. Interestingly, these choices will increase over time due to some of these items being made available as loot while playing.

Able to share loot with your other existing characters

While the sheer amount of loot will be incredible, not all of it will be applicable for your current character. You will now have the ability to transfer weapons and loot over to your other characters…making the value of each item you pick up way more applicable.

Mini-map added for greater navigation

It was often difficult to travel in the original game, and getting lost was a common occurrence. A mini-map has now been added to give a greater sense of direction in the game. 

Borderlands 2 Class Skill Calculators (Click on the link above the picture of your preferred Class)

Borderlands 2, Xbox, PC, PS3, FPS, RPG

Borderlands 2, Xbox, PC, PS3, FPS, RPG

Borderlands 2, Xbox, PC, PS3, FPS, RPG

Borderlands 2, Xbox, PC, PS3, FPS, RPG

Currently there doesn't seem to be a Skill Calculator for Gaige - (The Mechromancer Class), but I'm sure this will become available later.


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