Sunday, 13 May 2012

Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC Should Go a Little Something Like This...Part 1

 NOTE: The writer of this article (me, James, AmericanBrit, what's up) is in no way affiliated with Bethesda Game Studios, nor has any inside knowledge on the upcoming downloadable content "Dawnguard" for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The article below is based purely in speculation, hopes, and uneducated guesses. If, however, Dawnguard turns out to be exactly as it is in this article, the writer WILL attempt to take some credit. And probably go to court. Oh well.

In case you haven't heard already, Skyrim had some DLC announced recently. Named "Dawnguard," no information has been released other than the name and a picture. Nonetheless, after hours of contemplation and daydreaming in Algebra, this writer has laid out the entire DLC according to themselves. Each section of the DLC is separated into its own section. Enjoy!


Dawnguard begins in a newly uncovered ruin of a temple, where the Dragonborn is met by a mysterious deity. After a brief, unsettling exchange, the stranger unexpectedly opens some sort of a portal. Stepping through, Dawnguard now truly begins.

Dovahkiin arrives in the exact same location...a century in the future. Bewildered and slightly scared, the Dragonborn once again is approached by the strange being, who now explains the situation in its entirety.

Since the end of Skyrim's civil war, the Thalmor of the Aldumeri Dominion have withdrawn from much of the nation, returning to their embassy high in the mountains west of Solitude, regaining their strength, patiently awaiting the perfect time to strike. Through unknown means, they accelerated their own evolution, becoming the stronger, deadlier, and more clever 'Stratmer,' known as snow elves in the common tongue, at times mistaken for the return of the original snow elves by the Nords. These new snow elves are even more skilled in magicks, immune to the hostile cold of Skyrim, and hold knowledge that no mortal before them has.

Preparing for their return, the Stratmer are determined to take Skyrim for themselves, to destroy any latent opposition. They reveal the means to their end: an ancient power, old as Skyrim itself, known only as 'Dawnguard,' which, corrupted by dark magicks of the snow elves, will be used to initiate the very calamity it was originally created to prevent...

The fall of eternal winter.

If the Stratmer are allowed to activate Dawnguard, constant blizzards will roar across the landscape, slowly smothering the entirity of Skyrim, until even the towers of Solitude are buried in icy depths. With this done, the Stratmer would have Skyrim truly to themselves, all enemies smashed to pieces in the ice.

Main Objectives

  • Prevent the activation of Dawnguard and, when that fails, find a way to stop the spread of winter.
  • Cripple the Stratmer beyond repair, so that they will never have the power to return again.

Secondary Objectives

  • Investigate the evolution of Thalmor to Stratmer
  • Investigate the identity of the shadowy diety that brought you here to stop the Stratmer
  • Investigate the origins and history of Dawnguard

Optional Objectives

  • Purify Dawnguard to reverse the spread of winter
  • Discover Dawnguard's ultimate truth
  • Kill the Stratmer High Magistrate

New Content

Weaponry and Armor

Crossbows: A powerful alternative to the bow, this Stratmer invention's design is based off of the ballistae sometimes found in ancient Dwemer strongholds. Must be used with crossbow bolts; arrows will not work with it. Crossbows can shoot thrice as far as bows, do more damage, but take much longer to reload.

Aece [Hammer/Axe/Sword/Dagger/Bow]: Not to be confused with frozen water, Aece is found deep within frozen mountain tunnels, a sturdy, translucent blue substance that never loses its chill. A favorite of the snow elves, who also use it for their armor and robes.


Altar of the Dawnguard: Located somewhere underneath the Throat of the World. Location of the climax and resolution of Dawnguard's plot.

Stratmer Mountain Base: A sprawling underground complex deep beneath the old Thalmor Embassy. Headquarters of the snow elves.

Temple of the Razed: A ruin found in the heartland of Skyrim; location of the start of the Dawnguard questline.

More spoilers to come in part 2!


  1. Ummm I like this a lot I just think there is to many cliff hangers the civil war and the thalmor if skyrim is a free nation what is going to stop the thalmor from coming in and stomping the Nords and taking skyrim from them

  2. i dont get when you say snow elves. you do know theres a difference between thalmor and falmer right


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