Sunday, 20 May 2012

Diablo 3 Class War - Wizard Wrap-up

 Diablo 3 Class War - Wizard Wrap-up

The magic wielder - master of the arcane arts and bringer of elemental mayhem.

The wizard replaces the sorceress as the mage of the day, bringing with it a wider range of both offensive and defensive magics. No longer the wizened (dried up, if you will) old man or sultry witch, your Wizard is a young upstart who wields their magic with reckless abandon, and by keeping range becomes a living trebuchet of elemental destruction.

Surprising to no-one, the Wizard has skills dedicated to offensive magic, wielding ice, lightning and wind as easily as a warrior swings his swords.

Quick-hitting damage that slows down an enemy or even reduces (and even ignoring) enemy armor. Alongside direct damage attacks, the Wizard can use heavy Area of Attack spells that are useful against huge mobs and single enemies alike.

Whereas the sorceress could focus on one or two types of magic, the Wizard is able to mix up what type of magic they're using while focusing on direct, AoE or defensive spells. Magic users aren't known for their heavy armour but are often surrounded with extra layers of magical protection.

These spells increase defense drastically and can even stun or hurt those who would dare to strike the Wizard. Thanks to these skill trees you no longer have to choose a specific element to be defensive or AoE. Mixing and matching you can go full on with magic damage, quick hitting spells while ignoring damage, or even go artillery and and take out larger enemies before they get through your defenses.

The Wizard's resource pool is Arcane Power, which pretty much works like mana. The concept behind it is that the Wizard's use their bodies as a conduit for these energies and since it regenerates really quickly ,they are able to cast quicker (and less costly) spells almost indefinitely.

The Wizard is also able to cast more than one spell at a time, and only once you start abusing this do you start noting your arcane power dropping too quickly.

So, whereas most mana users can only direct one bit of magic at a time, the Wizard is able to summon a lot more spells a lot quicker, at a larger risk of destroying themselves...But in the battle against evil it might be worth it.

Casting from afar, but being more involved in the battle, the Wizard works more like a magical archer.

However, if being confronted is a problem, they are easily able to summon magic that reduce the damage and allow them to fight for that teeny bit longer.

There is no point for a wizard to run away from a battle (even a losing one) but if you're not too concerned about the the need to balance dealing damage and succesfully taking damage...without it causing a concern on your resources, then this class is the way to go.

Burn your foes, crush their allies and if any get through, a bit of diamond skin never hurt anyone, especially you.

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