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Gearing up for Guild Wars 2 - Races

 We all recall that in the first Guild Wars you could only play as a human,so we've all been waiting to see if other options will be available to us in Guild Wars 2.Here's a rundown of each race:


The Sylvari are the newcomers to the Guild Wars universe,having never appeared in Guild Wars 1. They are elflike in appearance,but plantlike in nature.They are all born of the Mighty Pale Tree on the Tarnished Coast and have been around for only 25 years.The Sylvari don't know why they have come into being,and seek their purpose in the world.

The Pale Tree came into being when a Centaur named Ronan found a cave full of strange seeds,guarded by plantlike beings.He took one of the seeds home with him as a trophy,only to find his village slaughtered by the White Mantle.Ronan planted the seed on their graves and swore to never take up arms again.The seed grew into a tree,which eventually blossomed and bore fruit.These fruit are the Sylvari.Whilst in this first stage of life the Pale Tree sings to the Sylvari,telling them of the world.They are "awakened" in an adult form,already with knowledge of the world around them.

Although the Sylvari appear human they are made of plant matter,with bark for hair,vines and leaves for skin and wood for bones.Their blood is golden sap and pollen shakes from their skin.Most Sylvari are noble and curious,born with a need to explore.The Sylvari live in The Grove,a city created in and around the Pale Tree.Their leaders are of the first born Sylvari,who are respected for their wisdom and time spent in the world.The Sylvari believe that the time of day which they 'awaken' or are born dictates an individuals personality. Dawn Sylvari are diplomatic and talkative,Day Sylvari are problem-solvers,Dusk Sylvari are intelligent and reflective and Night Sylvari are secretive.

The Sylvari are a young race,and as such have no mortal enemies yet,they do however face many challenges.As a race they have not yet been accepted by all the other races.Their experience with the nearby Asura have shown them that not all other races and peoples share their morals and virtues.Whilst the Sylvari may not have been around long enough to have any blood feuds,they do have problems.Whilst they dream they catch glimpses of a danger that threatens the world.A chosen few,the heroes of the race,see that the danger that threatens the world are dragons,as such they are the race that see the danger of the Elder Dragons the most.The Sylvari also face threats from within,from Sylvari that reject the Dream.They seek the Shadow within the dream,turn away from the morality of the rest of the race and explore the darker side of their personalities.These Sylvari are known as the Nightmare Court and seek to drag the rest of the race and the Pale Tree itself into the darkness.


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 If you've played Guild War: Eye of the North,then you'll remember the Norn.If you haven't played it you should,Eye of the North contains your Hall of Monuments,which is how you get free stuff in Guild Wars 2.
The Norn are the big,boisterous barbarians of the Guild Wars universe,characterised by their height,size and shape changing abilities.They swear fealty to no single being,and are instead guided by the Spirits of the Wild.

The Norn are from the Far Shiverpeaks,you'll remember them from the first game as being high mountains full of snow,interspersed by Norn lodges featuring roaring firepits.However,in Guild Wars 2,this is no longer so.The Elder Ice Dragon,Jormag,rose from it's slumber and into the world of life.The Norn fought bravely,however,theirs was the way of Heroes and honourable single combat,and Jormag was too strong.Thousands of heroes died,and the Norn were forced from their homeland.Many of the Spirits of the Wild fell protecting the Norn as they fled,others stayed behind to fight Jormag and were lost.The strongest of the Spirits of the Wild helped the Norn to safety and remain with them.

The Norn retain their ways to some extent,they prefer lodges in the wilderness where one must rely on their power and abilities to survive.However,they do now have a central gathering place,Hoelbrak,and although few Norn choose to live there year round it is the focal point for their civilisation.The Norn have no true leader,Knut Whitebear (undoubtedly a nod to the famous little polar bear born in the Berlin Zoo) is Master of the Lodge at Hoelbrak,but if you call him the Leader of the Norn within the hearing of a Norn you'll only be laughed at.There are five structures that make up Hoelbrak,each a great lodge dedicated to the Spirits of the Wild that remain.It is here that the shamans keep alive the faith of the Norn,and the skaalds tell the stories of their history.

The Spirits of the Wild are the figures central to the only kind of religion the Norn keep.They are totemic spirits of wild creatures,and each has a lesson to teach.Bear teaches Strength,Wolf teaches unity,Raven is wisdom and Snow leopard speaks of cunning and stealth.There are more Spirits of the Wild than this,some dead or lost,some unworthy,but these are the spirits that the NornNorn to shapechange into the form beloved of the spirits,and whilst in this form they are closer to the earth and understand it.Norn are a raucous lot,but they have a respect for the earth and do not despoil it.

The Norn have many enemies,because that's the way they like it.In the new land they have been forced to move to they must battle for  their right to the best hunting grounds.Amongst their enemies are the dredge,the servants and slaves left behind after the dwarves went deeper underground.They must also do battle with the Jotun,a fallen race of once wise and powerful giants.Their greatest foe remains the minions of Jormag,his champions and minions and some of the Norn themselves who recognise his power and seek to learn from him as they do the Spirits.


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The Charr are fierce catlike people whose history involves war,civil war and oppression.Despite all this the Charr have rebuilt their original homes and are renowned for their non-magical technologies.But the Charr face many enemies.

The Charr originally made the lands to the East of the Shiverpeaks their home,and lives there for many years until the humans came.They engaged in war with the humans for centuries,only to be eventually defeated by the technologies and power of the Gods of the human race.They eventually rallied and struck back at the humans.Kryta resisted their invasion,but Ascalon and Orr chose self destruction rather than Charr domination.The Charr paid for their success however,as all the old High Legions were put under the control of the Flame Legion,who researched forbidden magics and worshipped false gods.The Flame Legion subordinated the female Charr,and ensured that any sacrifices required by failures and wins came from the ranks of the other Legions.The Charr females and old High Legions eventually rose up and overthrew the rule of the Flame Legion,but it was too late.The Human leader of Ascalon had already invoked Dark magic,turning his subjects into soulless ghosts to protect their land.Now the Charr must fight undead foes,humans and even themselves as the Flame Legion seeks to regain control.

The main Charr city is the the Black Citadel,built on the ruins of the human city Rin,which are still visible in the foundations.The Iron Legion is officially in charge of the Black Citadel,however the Ash and Blood Legions do maintain a presence there.The Black Citadel is a foundry,and the centre of Charr technological industry.It is also the home of the Imperator's Core,the headquarters of the three Legions.The Black Citadel is overseen by Smodur the Unflinching,Imperator of the Iron Legion.

The Charr face many foes.The ghosts of Ascalon still linger,viewing the Charr as an enemy that must be forced out.The Flame Legion is beaten but not gone,they sally forth from their Northern bases and attempt to undermine the leadership of the Charr so they may once again gain control.They also face the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik,they figh this minions in the scorched landscape that was once Eastern Ascalon.They must also face the ogres that have come out of the eastern mountain in the wake of the Elder Dragon.


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The Asura are Tyrias diminutive geniuses.Once their civilisation was all underground,but they were driven from their cavern homes by the Great Destroyer.The Asura have prospered on the surface world,and now their arcane driven technologies are all over Tyria.Although the Asura are viewed with respect they are not without their struggles.

The Asura's appearance is due to the adaptations of a subterranean race.Their large eyes and ears evolved to help them better hear and see in the dark of their underground homes.They studied the nature of magic itself and prospered,spreading far and wide beneath the ground of Tyria.One of the caverns they called home however had another inhabitant,the Great Destroyer.Using the portals the Asura themselves had created to travel between their underground citadels the Great Destroyer sent forth its minions.Asuran civilisation was destroyed and the survivors fled to the surface world.The Asura soon thrived on the surface world,their engenius technologies and spells allowing them to tame the savage jungles of the Tarnished Coast.

Rata Sum is the great Asuran city,once a simple set of ruins belonging to another race,the Asura have transformed it into a testament to their skill and ingenuity.Rata Sum is now a giant floating cube,filled with many internal passages.The highest part of the great cube city is divided into smaller cubes.These cubes house the labs and the meeting rooms of the Arcane Council,the rulers of the Asura.Rata Sum is also the home of the colleges of the Asura.These colleges are Statics who think of the world in terms of lines of force and support, Dynamics who view the world as active and ever-changing, and Synergetics who think in terms of the connections between all things.

The Asurans greatest challenge is their own nature,they are essentially a race of mad scientists.Each individual striving to prove their own greatness.This can drive Asuran scientists to place their labs in remote and dangerous territories,and often great new discoveries are lost as entire labs are destroyed .Beyond their natures,there is a group of Asura,calling themselves the Inquest.They share knowledge and research among themselves and view all other races,including other Asurans,as mere resources to be used in their quest.The Inquest strive for nothing more than domination of the world,over even the Elder Dragons.


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The Human race are greatly embattled.They have lost much of their land to other races in Tyria,old and new.Yet they are great survivors,defending their remaining land and histories from all comers.

The Humans originally came from the South of Tyria,displacing many indigenous peoples as they spread across the land.However,internal wars weakened them,and so they were not prepared when the Charr attempted to retake Ascalon.Ascalon fell,to the Charr and the dark magics of King Adelbern,who turned all his people to vengeful ghosts rather than lose his city to the Charr.Orr vanished beneath the sea,rising years later as a kingdom of the undead,ruled by Elder Dragon Zhaitan.Lions Arch was reborn as a city of many races.Kryta only survived its state of civil war because of the actions of heroes.And yet the race of man survives,thriving in a world becoming more deadly by the day.

Divinity's Reach,built on Krytan tombs on a bluff,is Humanity's greatest city.Human survivors have flooded into this great city,all swearing fealty to her Queen and helping to make humanity thrive there.In the centre of the city is the Central Hub,which houses the ministers and Queen Jennah.

Humans face many enemies.Primary among these are centaurs,who regularly raid human enclaves.Human bandits also harry their own kind,stretching the Seraph forces tasked with protecting the human peoples thin.They also face internal strife,many of the nobles contest Queen Jennah's rule and her truce with the Charr,and one of the ministers,Legate Minister Caudecus the Wise,is seen as a rival to the Queen.


  1. Great post, I can't wait to be rocking my Human Ranger. <3

    1. Thanks ^^ I had fun researching this and finding out the intricate back story for each race we had come to know,love and wish we could play in the original Guild Wars.


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