Monday, 23 April 2012

Gearing Up for Guild Wars 2 - 'Dynamic Events'

In your traditional MMO,quests are given by an NPC and that's generally an NPC with an enlarged piece of punctuation floating above their heads.

When you interact with a bearer of floating punctuation,you are greeted with the most daunting thing ever to appear in an MMO - The Giant Wall of Text. The idea is that you read through this slog of back story and get an idea for why it is you are about to go on a Quest.

In reality, a good deal of people simply skip to the part where the NPC tells them what they'll get for decapitating X amount of "insert monster name here", and then hit accept.

Having discovered  (although not actually) the dilemma of the NPC,  you then set out to perform the task and quite often your task seems completely meaningless. For example - Beleaguered farmer asks you to kill 10 wolves as they are ravaging his herds. In reality these wolves are nowhere NEAR the farmers sheep,and taking out 10 of them generally makes you feel like some sort of animal hater.

And no matter what you do,the beleaguered farmer is still there,asking the next passerby,and the next,to depopulate the wolves in the area.

Guild Wars 2 is hoping to change all that.

They're implementing what they're calling a "Dynamic Events" system.First to go is the GWOT,or Great Wall of Text, which is a the hate of it can be seen from cyberspace.Instead of punctuation bearers, you will hear about quests from the world around you, or see events happening that you can interact with.

Using the previous example, the beleaguered farmer from before would now be running around like a headless chicken, begging passersby for help as wolves actively chow down on his stock behind him.They're also saying that your actions count, so if you don't stop the wolves then aforementioned farmer will eventually be without stock, go bankrupt, have to sell his farm, and turn into an alcoholic to get away from the pain of it all.

...Or something like that.

These promised changes don't just  affect players on a smaller scale, they also have larger events in mind. In other words, "enemy armies emerging from the bowels of the earth" type events.

These larger events are intended to bring players together, and if the required amount of players don't answer the call the event doesn't  end. Instead, the army will then have a foothold into the world, and spread from there.

If you DO rally enough players to win the day and push the invading army back, you will then be able to push forward through the enemy ranks to try and find generals to take out etc.

And never fear for your loot, the game is being made so that events scale to your party size - so more players means more enemies and more loot.

They're even saying that if someone drops out halfway through an event the game will scale back so remaining players aren't stuck with an insurmountable amount of enemies.

All in all,if the Guild Wars 2 team manages to pull off just these few promised things, it will certainly be a game to remember.

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