Monday, 26 March 2012

Gearing up for Guild Wars 2 - The Character Professions

 We've all been waiting for Guild Wars 2,and now that we know it will be here this year,lets take a look at the professions available.I already know which Profession I'll be taking first,but for those who haven't chosen theirs,here's a look at what we can choose from:

The Mesmer:

Whilst your Mesmer may be able to carry weapons,they are not the character to choose if you're looking for fist to fist melee.Mesmers specialise in spells,but not the offensive kind,Mesmer spells are all about illusions and effects.Mesmers keep their enemies from finding them by casting powerful illusions that hide their true whereabouts,these illusions can also be shattered to cause damage to their foes.Lacking party members?Mesmers can cast phantasms,clone bodies who go forth and do the fighting for you.Mesmers also specialise in spells called Mantras,two phase spells.The first phase of the spell is a long cast,which can be done before heading into battle.After the cast the mantra slot is replaced by an instant cast spell that can be used during battle.

Want a ranged casting character who does wicked,mind blowing things to their enemies?Then the Mesmer is for you.

The Engineer:

 Another ranged character,the Engineer is a master of the machine.Engineers lay down turrets,making an area their own.The turret skill set allows Engineers to interact with their immobile mechanicle mates,triggering charged up versions of their attacks or packing them up for later deployment.Engineers also have weapon and backpack kits,these skill sets allow for different incendiary devices,such as grenades,to be deployed,and can swap out weapons at command.Over all this the Engineer has their tool belt,which enhances their mechanical and healing skills.

Looking for the Mad Alchemical Scientist?Then the Engineer is your pick.

The Thief:

Master of stealth,the Thief can be either ranged or melee.The Guild Wars 2 Thief relies on their stealth skills,like Shadow Stepping,to get them close to their enemies unnoticed and away before their enemies have time to react.Their combat is based on the weapons they wield in both main and off-hand,with skills that utilise both.Thieves also utilize traps for area control,with some like Shadow Trap that even allow for the creation of waypoints,activating Shadow Trap auto stealths your Thief and Shadow Steps them back to the predetermined point.The Thief,of course,also has Stealing.The Steal skill does not,however,allow you to lift items that an enemy is already carrying,rather it generates a weapon based on the oppnonent being stolen from.Stealing from a Moa bird,for example,gives you a fist full of feathers.Obviously these can't be used for damage purposes,but can be thrown at your opponent to fill the air,effectively blinding them.

Feel the need to wrap your self in shadows?Pick the Thief.

The Guardian:

The Guardian,master of tactics and virtues.The Guardian has three virtues: Justice-to burn through enemies, Courage-to bolster themselves against heavy attacks,Resolve-to passively heal themselves,allowing them to become meat tanks that can fight for ages.The Guardian also has Spirit Weapons,short-lived,unnattckable weapons that fight at their side that can inflict powerful attacks.Symbols,placed on the ground,can also be used to inflict damage on enemies,or to boon allies.Guardians can also place Wards,invisible walls that prevent the movement of enemies whilst allowing for the free movement of allies,and finally Aegis,a removable boon that blocks the next attack.Aegis requires the virtue of Courage.

Looking to be the tank?Choose the Guardian.

The Necromancer:

The Necromancer,Master of Death.Necromancers can summon Minions from the corpses of their foes,each minion  type has a second effect,they can be sacrificed to give a boon to their master,such as a health boost.Necromancers can also summon Wells,spells that provide an area effect,healing for allies and damge to enemies.They can also place Marks,spells targeted on the ground that work much the same as Wells,but have the potential to heal and damage at the same time.And if an enemy gets too close?The Necromancer can cast Fear,causing the enemy to flee in terror.

Enjoy commanding battalions of minions to do your bidding?The Necromancer is your profession.

The Ranger:

 The Ranger,loyal pet master.The Ranger differs to the minion master Necromancer in that their pets are loyal companions and not expendable hordes.The Ranger is a ranged attacker (har har),with a pet for melee and tanking.Rangers use traps,deployed at their location,when an enemy walks into these traps various effects are triggered.Traps stay active for as long as the Ranger wishes,although only one trap type can be deployed at a time.Rangers can also summon spirits that can influence the area around them,such as buffing or dampening effects.Mostly,Rangers use their pets,they control the evolution and modes,picking and choosing how they will act for them.

Never be alone again,choose the Ranger.

The Warrior:

The Warrior,master of weapons.The Warrior can weild a sword,jumping quickly between his enemies,leaving them bleeding in his wake.With an axe the Warrior delivers devestating blows,equipping a mace allows him to stun his enemies,disrupting their attacks.Hammers are used for area of effect attacks,staggering groups of foes,greatswords allow the Warrior to use his momentum to deliver group attacks.Longbows allow Warriors to deliver ranged area attacks,raining down fire.Rifles allow the Warrior to target a single enemy,useful for fleeing foes.The Warrior also uses stances,these change how he uses or saves his adrenaline.Warriors can also use shouts to buff alies and debuff enemies,and banners to give his allies an attack boon.The Warrior can also charge some skills,powering them up for a more devestating attack.
Like blades?You're a Warrior.

The Elementalist:

Elementalist,channeling the elements to deal your death.Fire elementalists burn the earth,taking out multiple foes with rains of fire,Air elementalists harness blasts of air and lightning to attack single foes.Water elementalists control their foes movements,slowing them down with ice and healing nearby allies.Earth elementalists harness the power of the earth to turn flesh to stone,creating awesome defenses.Elementalists can also use glyphs to modify her nature,signets to give her benefits,Conjure Spells to summon items and weapons and Area Spells to turn a battle field into a place of havoc.

The Elementalist will bring death and destrusction with all the nature around her.The fire Elementalist is my profession weapon of choice.

What's your choice?


  1. That Engineer class seems pretty rad. Keen to try it out but I'm liking the Defender too...

    so many choices ^_^

    1. Be an engineer. A big plus to the team ;)

  2. I'm going Necromancer all the way!!!!


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