Sunday, 11 March 2012

Changes to the Site and Viewer involvement

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post on some of the changes you guys might have seen on the site.

1.)New Future Pixel Logo
For starters as you may have noticed, our logo has changed (a vast improvement to the previous logo) and this is due to the involvement of James Butkus who used his graphic design skills to develop a new one for the site.

James is involved with another Gaming - Goon's Gaming Network.....and was nice enough to assist us with this. Feel free to check it out

- Goon's Gaming Network

Thanks James, much appreciated!!!  

2.)Custom Gaming Search
You'll notice that I've added a custom Google Search bar at the top of the posts. This Google Search Bar is useful as it references the majority of the better know Gaming Sites so that you're able to more easily find what you're looking for.

3.)A New Sidebar on the left of the site
In order to add additional space to the site for Advertising and any potential additions a new sidebar has been added to the left. Currently all Links to Navigate the Future Pixel site are focused on the Top right for your convenience. The Majority of Advertisements are focused on the left hand side, and while much effort has been done to keep the Adverts relevant........there are certain Ads that cannot be handpicked and are generated automatically depending on site content (Google Adsense Advertisements specifically)

4.) Podcast Page

A New Page have been added specifically for the Podcast since the first episode - The Pixelcast, and while previously only one podcast was displayed.......they are now all there for listening and downloading.

If you haven't listened to them yet, I encourage you to do so and write in to with any questions you may have for us to address.

5.)Affiliated Products and Marketing Opportunities 
This page has been added specifically to promote opportunities on the site for anyone interested in advertising space for products or services (preferably related to games)

 - Affiliated Products and Marketing Opportunities

It hasn't been populated yet, but if interested then please email me at

6.)The Future Pixel Gaming Forum
We have started up a Gaming Forum ,with a variety of Topics that you as a viewer can get involved in. Please get involved if you can. This is a unique opportunity on the sight to state your oppinions and views about the specific games / consoles that you enjoy. - Future Pixel Gaming Forum

7.)Labels section 
There is now a labels section at the bottom of the page. This is useful for referencing certain articles and news related to topics that interest you. It's descending in size depending on the amount of posts released for that particular topic.

So, those are some of the latest changes to the website that may or may not interest you, but please get involved where you can, and assist us in growing the site even further. Never forget that we do this to promote what we love, which is Video Games and at the end of the day this is all done for you as a reader.

We still have a long way to go, but it's all part of the growth process.



  1. Thanks for the mention mate :D

  2. No problem. Credit is always given where credit is due.


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