Thursday, 16 February 2012

Trophy Hunter : Metal Gear Solid 3 HD

I am a known trophy hunter, and for my fellow achievement whores I offer you this:


These trophies are storyline related and cannot be missed:
Young Gun - Submit Ocelot.
You will acquire this trophy during your first encounter with Ocelot.

PROTIP: Tranquilizing all the bosses will yield an extra prize, usually some really nice armour or weaponry.

Pain Relief - Defeat The Pain.
You will acquire this trophy after you defeat The Pain in the caves.

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It - Defeat the Fear.
You will acquire this trophy after you defeat The Fear.

The End - Defeat The End.
You will acquire this trophy after you defeat The End.

Having trouble defeating The End fairly through the battle? Simply save your game and change up the system time by a week to a year or so. When you reload, you'll be granted a cutscene showing Snake finding his dead body and he has died from old age. Also, if you save and wait some time, when you reload instead of The End being dead, he will tranq Snake and you will have to make your way back from the Graniny Gorki prison.

Houston, We HAD a Problem-Defeat the Fury.
After you make it from the mountains, you will eventually come upon The Fury, who is equipped with a jetpack, a spacesuit, and a flamethrower.

River of Pain - Defeat the Sorrow.
You will acquire this trophy after you journey down the River of Sorrows.

Shagadelic - Defeat Shagohod.
After Snake gets discovered and makes it back to the base after acquiring C3 to blow up the Shagohod, you will plant it, but it won't work for destroying the thing. This will begin a cutscene and then you will become chased by the Shagohod while escaping with Eva on the motorcycle.

Grounded - Defeat Volgin in a fist fight.
When you meet back with Volgin and you get to finally put the bastard down.

:NOTE: Tranqing Volgin unlocks the Cold War camo which has Soviet colors on the front and US on the back. This will cause enemies to hesitate from shooting you when looking at you, but if they see your back will fire away aggressively. As soon as you defeat him, the camo will pop out of him and lay nearby in the floor. Quickly acquire it.

The Patriot - Defeat The Boss.
At the end of the game mostly, you will meet back up with The Boss and have to kill her now. You will fight this battle in a white field area so equip camo to match this environment and hide when you can to sneak off some shots and make her mad. If you try and CQC her, it will result in you getting your ass handed to you so don't try it.

Mama Said - CQC Slam a guard and knock him out.
You need to run into an enemy soldier and slam him over you by hitting the CQC attack button while unarmed.

Tell Me Where the Bomb Is - CQC Interrogate an enemy.
You need to grab an enemy soldier from behind and hit R3 to interrogate them. This is easiest if you hold them up with your gun first as there will be no risk of them turning and seeing you (though a simple punch or two will silence them at this range). Interrogating enemies is useful to get information about upcoming enemy locations and will acquire you some radio frequencies.

Like He Just Doesn't Care - CQC Hold up an enemy.
Simply hold your gun up to an enemy soldier so that Snake yells, "FREEZE", and they will hold their arms up. While you hold , you can circle around the enemy. Now aim your weapon at their head or groin area and they will mutter something and shake, dropping ammo or other items.

Close Shave - CQC Slit an enemy's throat.
Grab hold of an enemy soldier and press down hard on it. Snake will use his knife and slit their throat. Easy trophy and quick kill. Be sure to hide the body if don't want to be caught now.

Don't Touch the Sides - Use a knife to remove a bullet.
You will need to get shot by an enemy soldier so that a bullet is lodged in Snake. Go to the Cure Menu, and select the knife to remove the bullet and finish healing it up.

The Cat's Out of the Bag - Catch a glimpse of Ocelot, who's seen behind the president when he tries to shake Snake's hand.

Snake Eyes - See all of the first-person views that are not indicated by the R1 button icon.
For this trophy, you will need to see every "hidden" First Person View in the game. These are the same as when "R1" prompt comes up during cutscenes, however, you will have NO prompt to alert you when to do it. If you are worried you may miss one, simply watch every video and hold "R1" at all times. Rotate the left analog stick to circle around and you will know that you're in one if it allows you to do this.

Prince Charming - Shoot a Kerotan for the first time.
During the game, you will sometimes locate these hidden little frog figures known as Kerotans. Simply shoot one and it will jiggle about and make a bit of noise, but you will acquire your trophy.

Ralph Called - Make Snake throw up.
Go to the camo viewer of Snake and spin him around in circles there for a few moments. Then exit out to the game and he will puke and you will obtain your trophy.

Can I keep It? - Capture any animal alive.
To acquire this trophy, simply use any tranquilizer gun (EZ Gun, MK22, Mosin Nagant, etc) and shoot an animal such as a frog or snake and pick it up.

Just What the Doctor Ordered - Collect every type of medicinal plant.
Collect every medical supply from the medicinal plants in the game to obtain this trophy. There are 4 plants that will "turn" into Medicine and Cure items when you hit them. Simply kick or shoot any plants you come across and try to find all four of these.

Everything Is in Season - Collect every type of fruit.
Simply collect every type of fruit in the game to obtain this trophy. There are only three different fruits to find in the game. These can all be found at the beginning of the Snake Eater Mission around the cutscene with The Boss and her white horse.

Fungus Among Us - Collect every type of mushroom.
Simply collect every type of mushroom in the game to obtain this trophy. There are 7 different types of mushroom to find in the game.

A Bird in the Hand... - Collect every type of bird.
Collect every type of bird in the game to obtain this trophy. There are only 5 different birds to find in the game.

Charmer - Collect every type of snake.
Collect every type of snake in the game to obtain this trophy. There are 11 different snakes to find in the game.

Tall Tale - Collect every type of fish.
Collect every type of fish in the game to obtain this trophy. There are only three fish to find in the game. These can all be found in the first swamp with the crocodiles you find and then in the cave where you fight The Pain.

Them's Good Eatin' - Collect every type of frog.
Collect every type of frog in the game to obtain this trophy. There are only three frogs to find in the game. You are able to find all three frogs in the beginning of the Snake Eater mission.

Snake Eater - Eat a snake of any type.
To obtain this trophy, simply capture or kill any snake you come across in the game, and eat it.

A Good Man is Hard to Find - Achieve a camouflage index of 100%.
To obtain this trophy you will need your Camo Index to read 100% and so that you are perfectly camouflaged. You will have to acquire the Moss Camo from the battle with The End to get an index of 100% so don't expect it until then. Simply wear this camo and crawl around and you should find some spots that match you and will hit your mark.

I Can Totally See You - Achieve a camouflage index of +90%.
Equip a camo type that BEST matches your environments, such as the Woodland OR Flecktarn Camo and face paints. Now lie down flat in a patch of grass on the ground and it should be 90% with this match up. If not, experiment around and you will find some. Such as in the mountains, lie down with the desert camo styles equipped and you should hit your mark.

Problem Solved, Series Over - Create the Ocelot Time Paradox.
You will need to kill Revolver Ocelot during the story. You will be able to do this after the cutscene and he's left lying knocked out on the ground. Simply shoot him in the head or knife him until he dies and you will fail the game, but obtain this Easter egg trophy.

Snake Bit - Poison a guard.
This is done by dropping some rotten or poisonous food down nearby them, and then having them eat it. Easiest to make them eat food by destroying their food/provisions shed in some areas. Can also throw a poisonous animal at the guards such as a spider or snake and have it attack them to become poisoned.

Serenity Now - Call one Healing Radio frequency.
Simply call a Healing Radio frequency and you will obtain this trophy. These can be acquired on different difficulites by interrogating certain guards.

Tune-In Tokyo - Call every Healing Radio frequency.
You will need to call in at every Healing Radio frequency. These are normally acquired from interrogating guards

Beekeeper - Use bees to harass an enemy.
This trophy can be obtained by shooting a beehive near an enemy soldier, thus causing the bees to attack them. This is easily used to clear paths or create diversions for sneaking around groups of enemies.

Just Because - Blow up a munitions shed with TNT.
You will need to blow up any ammo dump with some TNT that you come across. Easiest point is in the area where you first find TNT and set some off in the same ammo shed that you find it. Set it and detonate when you're safe distance away and the trophy will pop.

Mostly Dead - Use the Fake Death pill.
At the beginning of the game when you can control Snake and get your backpack, you will have an item called the Fake Death Pill. Use it and then the revival pill to come back and you will obtain this trophy.

Believe It or Not - Catch a Tsuchinoko (mythical serpent).
You will have to capture the Tsuchinoko snake alive during the game. You won't be able to see him at all, but have to lay down mousetraps in an area, leave and come back to see if you caught anything or not. You can locate one in the area where you battled The Fear. Put down as many mousetraps as you have gotten a hold anywhere in the area, leave, and come back. You can retrieve your mousetraps infinitely by crawling over them as you would the claymores. When you go to pick them up, if you caught this snake, it'll say something like TNECHNO or similar anyways. Now you will obtain your trophy. Call Para-Medic to hear what they say about this snake.

Fashionista - Find every type of camouflage.
You will need to find and acquire all camouflages located throughout the game. This includes all camo suits that are obtained through defeating bosses with "stamina depletion" using CQC(if able), MK22, or any other tranq weapon.

Raindrop: Located in Dolinvodno, underneath the ledge after crossing the bridge. Snake Eater Mission, NOT Virtuous Mission. A weapon will be here in the beginning section but you must wait until you come back later for the camo.
GA-KO: Located in Chyornyj Prud, area with crocs and quick-mud swamp. NOTE: This camo will be useful with trying to located Kerotans as it makes a sound when you get near them.
Choco-chip: Located in Bolshaya Past South area inside the tree trunk in north section.
Splitter: Located in Bolshaya Past South, near the mud.
Water: Located in Bolshaya Past base area, on top of a building here.
Snow: Located in Chyornaya Peschera Cave in a crawlspace.
Fly: Located in Graniny Gorki Lab 2F (bathroom), behind the locked door so you will have to break it down to get this camo.
Sneaking Suit: Located in Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing in locker room. NOTE: Second visit here after capture and torture!
Maintenance Uniform: Located in Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing in locker room. NOTE: Second visit here after capture and torture!
Scientist: Given to you by Eva during the meet in Rassvet in the Snake Eater mission. (Story Related)
Raikov's Uniform: Acquired in Graniny Gorki after putting Raikov's body in the lockers upstairs. (Story Related)

Special Boss Camouflages
Animal: Defeat Ocelot with tranq weapon. Appears next to Snake after cutscene in the caves.
Hornet Stripe: Defeat The Pain with tranq weapon. Appears next to where he was during battle after the cutscene.
Spider: Defeat The Fear with tranq weapon. Appears laying near middle of area after cutscene.
Moss: Hold up The End during your battle with him. Tranqing unlocks the Mosin Nagant tranq rifle. Moss camo is dropped on the spot from him. Rifle laying nearby Snake after cutscene.
Fire: Defeat The Fury with tranq weapon. Will be outside rubble after cutscene.
Spirit: Walk completely through the river and reach The Sorrow during the event with him. Appears in your bag when you get it back from EVA.
Cold War: Defeat Volgin with tranq weapon. Appears next to him as he drops when defeated.
Snake: Defeat The Boss (also The Joy ) with tranq weapon. Appears next to her when defeated.

Game Completion Camouflages
Stealth Camo: Acquired by shooting all 64 Kerotans throughout the game. Also obtained by finishing the game with ZERO alerts.
Tuxedo: Acquired by completing the game once.

Only Skin Deep - Find every type of face paint.
You need to find and acquire all face paints throughout the game.

Infinity Face Paint: Acquired through finding Tsuchinoko and finishing game with one alive. Also obtained by completing the game with Foxhound ranking.
Zombie: Found in Rassvet area, around behind the buildings.Operation Snake Eater. Only appears after meeting Eva.
Water: Found in the river Ponizovje South, just after the battle with The Pain near the entrance to the caves right after you leave them. It will be underwater with fishy! This face paint only appers after you speak with Granin and have backtracked after defeating The Fear.
Desert: Ponizovje Warehouse: Interior, inside the building you see The End go into after the cutscene after you cross the river area.
Snow: Found in Bolshaya Past Base area, hidden in the trenches.
Oyama: Found in Graniny Gorki Lab 1F in vents. Easiest to locate if you enter this area by the vent from outside rather than the front doors.
Kabuki: Found in Tikhorgornyj in the water directly in front of waterfall where you meet Eva to get your gear back after your escape from the prison. You must meet Eva before it will appear!

The Early End - Kill The End before the boss battle.
To obtain this trophy, you need to take out The End before you actually get to the boss battle with him. During the story after you defeat The Pain, you will come to a cutscene showing Sokolov, Volgin, The Boss and others talking. Here you'll see The End sitting in a wheelchair sleeping and after the cutscene is over you'll be able to shoot him just before the soldiers wheel him back inside. You will have to be really skilled and use your pistol at this point and hit him in the head OR use the Sniper Rifle found just before entering this area in the other path to the left on the river.

You Snooze, You Lose - Sneak up on The End and hold him up.
During the battle with The End, you will face off against him in a sniper battle of sorts in several areas of the jungle. For the trophy, you will need to locate him before he finds you, and "sneak" up on him somehow.

King of the Jungle - Obtain title of MARKHOR.
You earn the title of Markhor when you complete the game and have captured or acquired every animal and found every plant located in the game. Tsuchinoko and The End's parrot count for this so you will need to obtain them also for the trophy.

It Ain't Easy Being Green - Find all 64 Kerotans.
Find all 64 Kerotans located in the game to unlock this trophy. There is essentially one for every area, with few areas containing more than one so keep and eye out for each one.

Like a Boss - Finish the game on any difficulty.
You will earn this trophy when you complete the game on any difficulty setting.

PEACE WALKER - Finish the game without killing anyone.
For this trophy, you will have to go through the entire game without killing a single soldier. Easiest way is to play on Very Easy difficulty and use the EZ Gun most often or the M22 tranq gun.

Snake Eaten - Collect all trophies.
This trophy will be obtained when all other trophies are completed in the game.

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