Thursday, 16 February 2012

Trophy Hunter : Metal Gear Solid 2 HD

I am a known trophy hunter, and for my fellow achievement whores I offer you this:

These trophies are storyline related and cannot be missed:
Lights Out - Defeat Olga Gurlukovich
Spaghetti Cinema - Meet Revolver
Bomb Squad - Learn how to defuse C4 bombs from Peter Stillman
Party's Over - Defeat Fatman
Thanks, Ames - Learn the location of the president
No-Fly Zone - Destroy the AV-88 Harrier II
Bohemian Candidate - Meet President James Johnson
Vampire Slayer - Defeat Vamp
I Think You Need a Hug, E - Find Emma Emmerich
Sharing is Caring - Befriend Olga Gurlukovich
No Ray, Jose - Defeat Metal Gear Ray
Another Snake Bites the Dust - Defeat Solidus Snake
Vamp Eyer - Catch a glimpse of Vamp standing in the streets of New York during the end cinematic.
Once Solidus is dead the ending cinematics will start. Snake will ask Raiden about the dog tag and Raiden will say he's not sure; the camera will zoom in on the dog tag at this point. Once the camera changes angle it will slowly pan to the left while focusing on Raiden. Zoom the camera in while between Snake and Raiden to spot Vamp standing next to a car.

Johnny on the Spot - Hear Johnny's bowel noises in two locations
There are only two locations where you can do this. The first one is in the B1 floor of the Core 1 structure. Once you find Ames he'll tell you to listen in on the conversation between Olga, Solidus and Ocelot. Ignore their conversation and turn to your left; point the microphone near the flagpole near the podium. The second location is at the oil fence, while you're covering Emma as she walks across the narrow walkways. Once you clear the way you can use the directional microphone and listen to her. Once she makes it to the second platform, pull out the directional microphone and point it at the structure. Johnny will find her, they'll talk for a bit and then he'll let her go and you'll earn this trophy.

Love Hurts - Watch Rose kill Raiden on a rooftop
After clearing the game and saving, from the main menu go to Special then Casting Theater. Press once to select "Demo 8 (Solidus VS Raiden: The Final Battle)." Now change Raiden's character to Rose and Solidus's character to Raiden and play the clip. Watch the entire clip through to earn a quick trophy.

Hurt Locker - Put an enemy in a locker
Wherever there's a locker you need to open it up, now knock out a guard and drag him over to the locker to stash him inside it and earn this trophy.

Down in Smoke - Disorient an enemy with a cloud of smoke from a fire extinguisher
Wherever there's a fire extinguisher you need to lure a guard near it and then shoot it!

To Catch a Predator - Lure a guard with a girlie magazine
First you need to get a girlie mag (they're titled book), now look for a patrolling enemy. Plant the magazine in his patrol route and when he stumbles upon it, he'll look through it and you'll earn this trophy.

Kissing Booth - Kiss a poster in a locker
There are lockers with pinup girls on the inside. Go inside the locker and close the door, angle your view down and zoom in and out on the poster. You should hear a kissing noise. 

Snake Beater - Get caught by Otacon stimulating yourself
As Snake only. Find a locker on the tanker with pinups girl posters. Go into first-person view and focus your view on the poster. Snake's vision will start bobbing faster and the controller will lightly vibrate. Keep holding and press to call Otacon.

Steel Grip - Attain grip level 3
While dangling from a ledge press and hold L1 and R1. Snake/Raiden will perform a pull-up. You will have to do a total of 200 pull-ups to reach grip level 3. A successful pull-up is from a dead-hang and holding it until Snake/Raiden's head stops shaking as he pulls himself up. If you release the buttons before then, the pull-up may not be counter. 

Steamed- Kill 5 enemies with pipe steam
This can be done in only a few places throughout the game, mainly wherever large pipes are. While an enemy stands near a pipe you need to shoot the pipe and have it bust open with steam. 

Sexting - Send Otacon a picture of the marine with no pants
This can be done only by Snake. In Hold 1 of the tanker, near the front of the formation is a single Marine who is not wearing his trousers. Use the camera Otacon has you use (not the digital camera) and snap a picture of him. You know you have a good picture of it because Snake will say "Good." With that picture saved on the camera use the terminal you use to upload the Metal Gear pictures to send it to Otacon.

Bye Bye Big Brother - Destroy 15 cameras
Unlike the enemy personnel, the cameras do not respawn and there are few of them. To earn this trophy you need to disable 15 cameras. The counter only stays current if you start a new game by loading your clear game data.

Silence is Golden - Shoot 10 enemy radios
The easiest way to shoot an enemy's radio is by sticking them up and shooting it from their back; all enemies wear their radio on the back right side of their hip. Shooting an enemy's radio without sticking them up will sound an alert.

Rent Money - Beat 30 enemies unconscious
It's simple enough, beat on enemies with your melee attack until they're unconscious (they'll have stars over their head).

Nothing Personal - Break the neck of 30 enemies
Grab enemies and apply pressure until their neck breaks. 

Don't Taze Me, Bro - Tranquilize 100 enemies
Use the M9 Tranquilizer or PSG1-T to knock out 100 enemies.

Photo Finish - Acquire the digital camera
There are three ways to obtain the digital camera. The first method is simply beat the game by going the Tanker-Plant scenario. The second method is earning Box E on the plant and getting on the conveyor belt on Strut E, this will take you to a room with the camera. The third method is after escorting Emma you'll be in Strut E, go to the lower level of Strut E and with your new Level 5 card you can enter the room with the camera.
Animal Control - Collect a dog tag
Numerous enemies in the game hold a dog tag. Search them to find one.

Yorkie - Get the bandana
This is a Snake specific trophy. To earn the bandana you must collect at least 50 dog tags across all difficulties in the Tanker scenario. Once you have enough dog tags, finish the game to see your rating and earn this item.

Poodle - Get the Tanker stealth suit
This is a Snake specific trophy. To earn the stealth suit you must collect at least 76 dog tags across all difficulties in the Tanker scenario. Once you have enough dog tags, finish the game to see your rating and earn this item.

Beagle - Get the brown Wig
This is a Raiden specific trophy. To earn the brown wig you must collect at least 80 dog tags across all difficulties in the Plant scenario. Once you have enough dog tags, finish the game to see your rating and earn this item. 

Shiba Inu - Get the Plant stealth suit
This is a Raiden specific trophy. To earn the stealth suit you must collect at least 120 dog tags across all difficulties in the Plant scenario. Once you have enough dog tags, finish the game to see your rating and earn this item.

St. Bernard - Get the orange wig
This is a Raiden specific trophy. To earn the orange wig you must collect at least 160 dog tags across all difficulties in the Plant scenario. Once you have enough dog tags, finish the game to see your rating and earn this item.

Piece of Cake - Complete a VR or Alternative mission
From the Main Menu select Missions and successfully complete the mission to earn this trophy.

Who Ya Gonna Call? - Take a clear photograph of the ghost image in Hold No. 2
This is a Snake specific trophy. Once you reach the holds on the Tanker you'll be going through a few rooms full of Marines who are watching the Commadant's speech on giant screens. You need to sneak through the first hold to the second one where there are two screens. Go to the projector at the back of the hold (don't pass in front of the picture) and interact with it until the picture is on the right screen. Now using the camera Otacon wants you to use (not the digital camera), take pictures of the right screen to see a ghost image of Hideo Kojima. You may get the picture numerous times before earning this trophy as not every picture will activate the trophy. When you get a successful picture you will hear Snake grunt. 

Moving Day - Collect all boxes
This is a joint effort between Snake and Raiden and must be done on the Tanker-Plant scenario. There are 7 boxes scattered throughout the game and you must find all 7 of them in a single playthrough.

No Boss of Mine - Complete Boss Survival
From the Main Menu select Special then Boss Survival. Boss Survival has 3 difficulties and you can complete it on Easy for this trophy. You will have to fight through all boss encounters (except Fortune) and two enemy encounters with limited gear. 

Tell Me a Tale - Complete all Snake Tales
These are five different missions featuring Snake and how things may have gone differently. All of these missions are on pre-set difficulties and some of them have difficult situations you need to get yourself out of. 

In It to Win It - Place first in 50 different VR/Alternative missions
Successfully complete 50 missions and beat the #1 score to earn this trophy.

A Cut Above - Beat the Tanker and Plant chapters on any difficulty

Complete Stealth - Clear the game without entering alert mode (not including events where alert mode is mandatory)

Great Dane - Collect all dog tags
The trophy description here is misleading. It says to collect all dog tags, but all you really need to do is collect all unlockable items. There are 6 items in total; 2 of which are in the Tanker scenario and will require almost 3 full dog tag collections to earn. The other 4 are in Plant scenario and will require collecting every dog tag in the Plant scenario. The final item in the Tanker scenario is the Stealth which is rewarded upon collecting 76 Tanker Dog tags; the final Plant scenario item is the Blue Wig which is rewarded upon collecting all Plant Dog tags.
To get a guard to relinquish his dog tag; you need to sneak up behind them and ready your weapon at them, Snake/Raiden will say "Freeze!" and the guard will put his hands up and freeze. Keeping pressed, hold and move to the front of the guard. Go into first person view and point your weapon at their head or groin, most guards will get scared and shake their dog tag loose. Some guards refuse to budge and need more coaxing; equip a lethal weapon and shoot near their body or in a limb and they'll lose their resolve. Point your weapon at their head or groin again and they'll surrender their dog tag.

Virtually Impossible - Complete all VR and Alternative missions
Successfully complete all of the missions to earn this trophy. This trophy will probably take a few sessions to complete, be sure to save your data before quitting the game or turning your console off. There is no auto-save function and if you don't save you'll lose any progress you've made.

Extremely Solid - Collect all trophies
Like all other platinum trophies, earn all others to earn this one.

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