Sunday, 12 February 2012

5 Things that would bridge the gap between Console and PC

Pc gamers have been around for a very long time, and for a long time I was one of the dedicated PC gamers that considered consoles to be inferior.

Of course, back then, consoles actually were inferior in many ways, and the difference between the Casual gamer and the Hardcore gamer was defined more by which platform you played than by which games you played.

If you played Doom, Starcraft or Duke were a PC gamer, and thus classified as a Hardcore gamer as well. Meanwhile until the release of the original Playstation, the majority of consoles only focused on platform gaming and puzzle games.

At the moment, gaming on Consoles and on PC are relatively similar with regards to the games that are released and sometimes Console Gameplay can actually be better (no installs, no hardware upgrades necessary etc.), but there are times when PC just wins out.

Here are some of the things that if implemented into a console would bridge the gap and blur the line between differences in the experiences provided.

1.) Mouse and Keyboard
I'm sure many of us agree that this is the big one.

If a mouse and keyboard were available for console and supported by the games released......then the dedicated PC gamers would think twice before shunning consoles altogether.

I have a friend that flat-out refuses to play a First person shooter on console.....Granted, he is not used to the control system (of which he openly admits to) ,but he feels that without a mouse and keyboard it's just not the same.

While his inability to adapt is occasionally frustrating to me as a console gamer, I would have to agree with him to a certain degree.

I play Call of duty on Xbox and PC, and while I love playing on both.......the Mouse and Keyboard is a far superior method of control than an Xbox controller. Many times this makes the difference between dying or not, and when playing on a PC I tend to do quite well. On an Xbox.....not so much.

Also, Real Time Strategy games on a console?..........forget about the wheel doesn't interest me.

2.) Cross-platform gameplay
Back in the day when PC was the only platform where online gameplay was possible, you only had this possibility to play against your friends. While this was great in that everyone knew what they certainly does not apply to this day and age.

Every console now has Online gameplay, which in it's own right is certainly a good thing. The problem comes in when the consoles are different or when your friend is playing on their PC.

If I play Xbox and only Xbox then I am limited to playing against fellow Xbox players.

Cross-platform play would require massive patching to the particular versions on respective platforms, but for the gamer the upside would certainly outway the efforts needed to make it work.

I would love to play games on my Xbox against friends who own a PS3 or PC. Granted, PC users may have an advantage when it comes to certain games, but would allow me to play against my friends that I didn't have the opportunity to before.

3.) Mods and Apps
If you're a PC gamer then you know that for some games on PC there is a dedicated Modding community who endear to bring us additional content and tweaks to the existing dynamic of that particular game.

From the early days of Doom, users created their own maps and modifications to extend the content and add valuable additions to the game itself.

In the case of games like World of Warcraft (or any MMO for that matter) there are many plugins and mods to help you maximize your damage output, arrange your inventory and to organize quests in a more manageable way. Without these helpful tools, many of the higher end players just would not be able get as much out of their game experience as they do.

More recently, games like Skyrim have accumulated a massive amount of potential modifications and with the release of the Skyrim creation kit....these will continue to be released.

This is a major benefit in owning a PC, because the PC is the only real platform which allows modifications such as these.

4.) The Research Factor
Stuck in a game? Where is the first place you look?.....the internet of course.

If you're playing games on a PC, this is incredibly easy to do. A quick press of ALT and TAB, and you can jump from your game directly to an internet browser window left open with all the information need.

Consoles on the other hand do not really allow for multiple applications to run at the same time, so even if my Xbox allowed me to surf the internet as easily as a PC (Which it doesn't), I do not have the ability to switch between windows. I would need to exit the game first.....not cool.

 5.) Settings
How many times have you gone into the options menu of a game on console and realized that the setting you're looking for just....aren't there.

Many PC games allow you to tweak your setting to an insane degree, allowing you to customize your gaming experience.

Not all games have this, and not all games need it, but it would be nice at times to be allowed that option. Why is it not possible to lower graphical settings on a console game if you're experiencing a low framerate, especially if that low frame rate is affecting your online play in a particular game.

Sometime it would be handy. Not necessary for majority of titles, but sometimes........

Don't get me wrong....I love my console. Occasionally though there are a few things that would just make the experience a little better, and there's always room for improvement.


  1. you love your console, but you would still like it to be PC, because all the things you described are not things that would fill the gap but are the things that make difference between a console and PC

    1. You do have a good point there actually.

      Many of these reasons are the same reasons why everyone loves their console as well. (or PC)

      The beauty of Consoles is their simplicity. No installation times, less chance of issues with associated software. (DirectX, Steam, Grapics drivers etc.), while PC has always had a more flexible approach to controls, graphics and settings.

      The one isn't better than the other, but they are very different.

      However, the honest truth is that as the years go by Consoles are starting to share some of the features that are available on PC, and therefore are potentially as prone to problems. PC's on the other hand are also heading towards the direction of consoles in certain ways with Tablet-based gaming like Project Fiona (Razor's gaming device showcased earlier this year.) and the introduction of Windows 8.

      The middle ground that they meet at may be shaky.


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