Sunday, 1 January 2012

Saints Row the Third

Saints Row the Third, or Saints Row 3 (which is easier to remember and less pretentious), is a slightely over the top, open-world action adventure game by Volition,Inc and THQ. It takes place in a city called Steelport. The player takes on the role of the leader of the Third Street Saints gang.

Main Character:

Saints Row 3 allows players to create a custom character,referred to by fellow gang members simply as Boss.The customisation options are quite varied,including dress, sex, voice, phrases and poses.The most hilarious customisation option is sex appeal,where a slider bar allows you to adjust the size of your characters rack or package.Throughout the game there are clothing stores, each with a style, that allow for further dress-up play. Or non-dress up play if the fancy takes you, you can quite literally run around in your birthday suit.Whilst many of the stores offer some hilarious or simply silly outfits, and as funny as it was to see 'the Boss' running around in the nuddy pants,it does somewhat detract from the cutscenes, and I found the more normal and tame options to my liking.


Missions and Storyline:
Saints Row 3 starts off with a  bank robbery that goes slightly awry, and leads onto a jet owned by the Syndicate,and a midair fight that's as over the top as it is fun.The story continues in Steelport,a city controlled by 3 factions of the Syndicate, and the player must now take over the city and it's profits in revenge.

The side missions seem at first glance a standard affair, but once you realize that they include streaking though the city to lure out the hit in an assassination they become more interesting,and of course Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax show missions are hilarious as well as lucrative.

Steelport City:

The open map world of Steelport City seems at fist sight seems pretty well done,and with all its neon signage an exciting place.However,once you really get into the city,it seems a bit dead.Most of your interaction at ground level will be the stores you can buy and buy from,and the cars you 'jack.The populace of Steelport may react to you in a different manner once you've made certain decisions and done certain things in the game,but for the most part they're pretty much just walking targets if you enjoy seeing how many people you can run over in a row.The police response at times seems nonsensical, I once saw a cop car that completely ignored the fact that I had just thrown a man from his car and stolen it,only to turn on the flashy lights and give chase when I jumped a red-light immediately after.The civilian traffic pops in and out of existence,the cars are clearly just there for you to steal.

Saints Row 3 is no art house special,it's completely over the top in places and often it feels as if the crass language and seedy gangsta style is forced and unnecessary. So as long as you pick up the game purely for something fun and a bit silly you should enjoy it immensely.


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