Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Latest Rumors circulating in the Gaming Industry

Rumors are always interesting in the Gaming Industry. They help to build anticipation for many of the devices and games that we enjoy.

The reason why rumors in the gaming industry are often worth mentioning is that occasionally.......they're actually true.

Often Game developers and Console manufacturers purposefully leak information and teaser content seemingly unrelated to themselves. It encourages conversation, speculation and can often precede a more agressive marketing campaign to get our attention.

Last year there was a rumor that Ezio Auditore (from Assasins Creed) would be a playable character in Soul Calibur 5......and lo and turned out to be true.

A more recent example of this was the news of possible leaked box artwork for Resident Evil 6. Soon to follow was a viral website linked to Capcom that showcased the biohazard (Japan's name for Resident Evil) sign and the words "No hope Left" written on the wall of an abandoned building and video clips of a chinese woman terrified of an unknown terror. -

Naturally the specualtion as to the validity of these claims began to generate a lot of conversations in podcasts, gaming sites and forums.

A few days after that Capcom officially announced the game, releasing the first trailer for it. - Resident Evil 6 trailer

Truth be told though many of these rumors are just that and often come from extremely unreliable sources.

Here are some other interesting rumors currently circulating in the gaming industry:

1.) Resident Evil 6 will have 6 player Co-op gameplay and 8 player Multiplayer apparently showed recently a listing for Resident Evil 6 that showcased 6-player co-op and 8-player multiplayer.

Originally Spotted by Kotaku, the listing showed two-player co-op offline and six-player co-op online. Since then this lisitng has been removed,  with the listing at now showing no Multiplayer.

2.) A New Xbox will be showcased at E3 this year
While speculation on this had been suggested previously, MCV (a highly reputable UK site) stated in one of their posts that the rumor of a new Xbox had been confirmed by a highly reliable inside source. While Playstation 4 rumors were shot down by a Sony Exec a few days later.....Microsoft did not make any official statements to the contrary.

3.)The New Xbox will have a tablet controller similar to the upcoming Wii-U
As everyone knows by now, the Wii-U (Nintendo's new console) will be released later this year with a tablet-based controller (ie. a screen on the controller itself). Originally rumored by Gamestop, the new Xbox may use similar technology. Although this may be a stretch in some people's eyes, Microsoft's approach to Kinect with Windows Mobile Phone integration may be a step towards confirmation of this.

4.) God of War 4 and Syphon Filter 4 will soon be announced for PS3
Although nothing has been confirmed by Sony (and incidentally not denied yet either), the release of another God of War game would not be unexpected. A job listing for Sony last year indicated that this may be the case. Definitely one of their most popular franchises, it does make sense. Siphon Filter, although not as popular as of late (due to the amount of time since it's last release), would also not be a stretch.

5.) Microsoft may be phasing out Microsoft points by the end of the year
A report on specialist mobile site, quoted that "a source with knowledge of the company's decision." has stated that Microsoft may be doing away with it's current Microsoft point system. Considering the success they have generally had with it, it's unlikely.....and yet certain lawsuits relating to this may have had some leverage.

6.) Possibility of a Dead Space First Person Shooter and Uncharted Style Game
"Anonymous inside sources" that corresponded with Kotaku speculated that EA was working on other ways to expand the Dead Space Franchise. A possible First Person Shooter and also an "Uncharted Style" game were mentioned. Nothing else has surfaced lately regarding this, but a First Person Dead Space Game...........please.........I need my sleep.

7.) Dragon Age 3 might include Multiplayer
As well as claiming that Dragon Age 3 might be more "Skyrim-like" regarding it's open world, rumors have also surfaced that Dragon Age 3 may also include Multiplayer. Though this is still a rumor at the moment, I personally believe it to be true. My reasoning is this.......Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer has already been announced, and considering they use the same would be a logical decision to make.

These are some of the rumors circulating at the moment, but there are others like Epic Mickey returning as a cross-platform game and a possible Battlefied 2143 release, but these are the ones that stand out at the moment.

Let us know of other interesting rumors, if you hear them.....and state a source if you can.


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