Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Darkness II - Quad-Wielding Mayhem

In 2007, I got a chance to play the Original Darkness game on Xbox 360.

Back then I didn't own an Xbox 360, but I made a point of going over to a friends house to get my fix as often as possible.

The first Darkness game was an interesting and extremely dark journey into the world of Jackie Estacado, as he tries to master the Terrifying powers of "The Darkness" - an otherworldy demonic force which allows him to utilize two snake-like appendages to rip his enemies apart, and to summon evil beings called Darklings (As well as several other abilities)

Originally based on the comic books of the same name, the game managed to tell the story in a way that made you feel for the characters and the often tragic events that follow. The game was also incredibly violent and gritty, with a shameless approach to blood and gore.

I absolutely loved it, and despite the fact that the game did not do as well as expected.....I still consider it to be one of the best games released that year.

The game was incredibly fun and well made, and pulled me into it quite easily.  

Needless to say....I went and got myself an Xbox 360 shortly afterwards and proceeded to complete the game.

The Sequel is due out later this year and looks to be just as good as it's predecessor.(with a few new additions and improvements) Interestingly enough, the studio behind the game is completely different this time around (Digital Extremes is now developing the game.) The art style of The Darkness II has changed quite significantly, changing over to Cel-shaded graphics instead of the original more realistic style. Although completely different than the original, it lends itself to be more stylized to the comic book and still looks great.

There will be an upgrade system for your skills which will allow greater flexibility within the game, and can be adapted as you go along to suit your style of gameplay. Examples of interesting skills that will be made available are ones that lets you infuse darkness power into bullets (in the firearm section), bonuses to health, and also a skill that allows you to make all thrown items explode (in the darkness executions section).

Execution moves performed by the Darkness will be incredibly gruesome and gory, and will certainly add to the feeling of invincibility that comes with utilizing such incredible powers.

Add to this that you will be able to "Quad-wield" (meaning that the snake-like appendages will now have more flexibility in the amount of things they'll be able to do), including throwing items using the Darkness itself...............and it's shaping up to be a great game.

Jackie Estecado is now leader of the mob family he was part of and eventually fought against in the first game, and has locked away the darkness inside himself.

After an orchestrated attack on Jackie while sitting at a restaurant, he finds himself at the point of death and is forced to unleash the Darkness once more.

Also included within the sequel will be a Co-op Multiplayer mode which will give other players the option to choose from some other unique characters who have equally unique abilities to play around with.

The game will be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in February.

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