Monday, 30 January 2012

5 Zombies that aren't Zombies....but are Zombies?

Sometimes, just sometimes.....what makes or breaks a game is the villain....not the story.....not the graphics....and on the rare occasion.........not even the gameplay.

A good villain makes you feel like a good hero, and there's nothing better than kicking it's ass and winning out against something so horrific or ridiculous that if you ever saw it in real would either make you scream like a little girl, or at the very least question your own sanity. 

As gamers, we fight numerous monsters, robots, demons and assorted beasts that give an element of substance to the constant hacking, slashing and shooting that we enjoy so much.

One of the most popular enemies to appear in video games is also one of the most popular in movies, and depending on the game, is certainly a firm personal favorite of mine. - THE ZOMBIE!!!!!

In the last few years, Zombies have made a comeback (sort of their defining factor, I guess) in almost every method of media possible. In fact one of my favorite TV series at the moment is "The Walking Dead" which is all the scary bits of a zombie movie with some decent acting thrown in for a nice change.

Zombies in all their different forms have been in so many games that it would be pointless to mention them all. It's probably nearing the point that it's comparable to the appearance of Elves and Dwarves in Fantasy books or movies.

And yet, every time I play a game that has Zombie's in it, there's always that moment of fear. Whether it's the fear of being bitten, eaten or of being overrun.

Of course sometimes these Zombies aren't technically Zombies. I mean......Zombies as we know them are human (or at least used to be) and are generally feasting for brains. These are how the movies have always depicted them, but video games are sometimes a little more creative in this.

These are some of our favorite Zombies....that aren't Zombies......but are Zombies.

The Lambent - Gears of War series

Here's what we know about what is supposed to make a zombie. It used to be a human, but is now missing it's intelligence and subsequently wants eating your brain.

 Never mind the logic of that, but a zombie doesn't have a any logic anymore so there we go. Infected by a virus or maybe some alien influence, a Zombies body is not what it used to be (due to that annoying necrosis that is probably responsible for the loss of brain power as well), so therefore it's falling apart and unsurprisingly........a little upset.

It's very unfair to classify zombies this way because who's to say a zombie has to have been a human?

The Locust swarm from the Gears of War series were pretty nasty to begin with. But it's kind of obvious from the very beginning that they're monstrous, unrelenting but also a very proud race.

Along comes the Lambent Virus and infects them. Now they have no mind of their own......they're way more vicious and bloodthirsty.......and also....a little upset.

Sound familiar? Lambent = Locust Zombie.

The Necromorph - Dead Space series

Few enemies are as terrifying as the Necromorph from the Dead Space Series. Try playing Dead Space in the dark with surround sound....alone.

The result is uncontrollable shaking, lack of sleep, heart palpitations and unexpected bowl movements.

They're dead people (check), don't seem to have a logical mind (check), want to eat you (check) and they're REALLY pissed off about something (check). Oh, and they have spiky parts sticking out of their body.

Not Zombies?.........I beg to differ.

Yes, they look a little different, they move a lot faster and can't be killed by a head shot.

That just makes them UBER-ZOMBIES PEOPLE!!!!!!!

The Thing - The Thing (movie and video game)

Is it a Zombie?, is it an Alien, is it a Shapeshifter?'s all of the above and you'll never know which one of your friends it's pretending to be.

Ok, granted it's not a dead person...but when it can kill and then imitate a dead person, that almost makes it the same.

In the Video Game there was more of them.
No trips to the Antarctic for me, thanks.....I'd rather stay at home.

The Las Plagas - Resident Evil 4 and 5

Resident Evil was always one of those games that defined the zombie genre in video games. Even when the zombies mysteriously disappeared and instead were replaced by angry parasite-infected villagers, they still managed to bring the fear.

The Las Plagas maintained some of their intelligence, but were still hungry for blood. Also, headshots were often a bad thing, with the parasites often protruding from the severed head to kill you.

This one moment defined this creature as a Zombie for me......No head and still trying to kill me....yup, you're a Zombie.

The Licker - Resident Evil series

If any creature in the Reident Evil series scared me senseless, it was the Licker.

Half human, and half.......don't really know for was such an absurd creature, with it's lack of skin, incredibly long tongue and apparent complete lack of eyes, it was definitely one of scariest creatures in a game.

Never mind the fact that it creeped effortlessly along the walls and was definitely something haunt or dreams.

It was infected with a derivative of the same virus that created the zombies in the it's a Zombie!!!

If any these creatures aren't actually Zombies....then what is?

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