Thursday, 22 December 2011

Gaming and our Loved Ones

Being a Gamer is something that’s not always understood by our loved ones, relatives or significant others. There are even times where our passion for games is not even tolerated within our own households. (Anyone in this position has my deepest sympathies by the way)

There have been many times in my life where I have encountered this, particularly when I was growing up, both with family and with girlfriends.

Of course, at times it’s certainly justifiable.

A good example of this was my mother – while all I wanted to do when I got home from school was play games on my PC, she was insistent that I focus on other activities that had more importance at the time. (Schoolwork, Eating and sleeping being the most important.)

I was certainly not banned from playing games at all, but necessity dictated that I regulate the amount of time I played to focus on other things. These lessons that I learnt when I was younger still benefit me today and also prevent me from becoming a hermit.

Incidentally, my mother bought my nephew an Xbox for his birthday earlier this year and has become a big fan of the Bowling in Kinect Sports. She’ll never admit it, but technically that makes her a gamer too.

Ruri-Buri, one of the writers for Future Pixel is part of an entire family of gamers, which is very rare, but must make for a very interesting household. According to her, the biggest problem a family full of gamers has are arguments over who gets to play which console at any given time. It also makes for evenings quiet of anything other than random gaming exclamations.

The biggest problem is when our loved ones have no understanding of why we play games at all, and when there is no desire to understand……….it can make being a gamer significantly harder.

I have had many girlfriends whose understanding of my passion for games was non-existent, and in the end this caused problems.

Let’s put it this way - when you pass you significant other a controller and try to involve them, their response is actually very revealing in my opinion. Often you may get a negative response, or sometimes even a blatant refusal to even try. (Obviously trying to get them to play Dead Island or Call of Duty may be a stretch at first.)

I feel this is sometimes indicative of another more serious problem though - A lack of desire to share the passions, hobbies and interests of your better half.

While this is not always a bad thing (everyone has their own interests after all), sharing your interests with the person you love can bring you closer as long as it’s not forced.

However, if you push her away and do not let her get involved…’s your own fault and you deserve what you get.

I am pleased to say that this has not been an issue for me in quite some time.

My Girlfriend plays games as much as I do, and I’m actually proud to admit that she beats me in the majority of games we play against each other.

She can hold her own in Call of Duty, and usually surpasses any character I create in an RPG due to her vast experience in World of Warcraft.

We often sit for hours and talk about the games we play, and much of our time is spent with me playing Xbox, and she playing on her laptop in the same room. (Often sharing insights and conversation of the games we’re playing.......and the occasional outbursts of "DIE,DIE,DIE!!!!")

Occasionally we both play Gears of War, Gunstringer or Kinect Sports to keep things interesting, and often take turns playing Angry Birds to see if we can beat each others scores.

This isn’t all we do of course, and we still go out for dinner with each other and with friends. Occasionally we still go clubbing and attend parties.

As with all things…..Balance is very important.

Thanks to all of this I now have a greater understanding of the importance of sharing activities with the one you love.

Our mutual interest in gaming has truly strengthened our relationship and is a great source of happiness for us as a couple.....bringing us closer together.

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