Thursday, 17 November 2011

Games to look out for in 2012 (with trailers / gameplay videos)

So the year is almost up, and 2012 is around the corner.

2011 has been a landmark year for gaming with brilliant releases like Deus Ex, Dead Island, Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and of course Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (as well as countless others).

Of course, by this stage everyone is wondering what comes next for the following year. Here's a brief overview on some fantastic games due for release in 2012.

Farcry 3

The last Farcry (Farcry 2) was a great game, with it's open world and interesting gameplay. Set in Africa, it was enjoyable for many reasons, such as the ability to bind your own wounds and fix broken down cars to drive around the map.

However, many people missed the original setting of the first game, and gamers should be pleased to note that Farcry 3 will once again be set in the jungle.

Farcry 3 looks to be incredible, and with some very interesting characters as well.

Check out Ubisoft's E3 Press conference on Farcry 3 (7:59)

Bioshock Infinite

Irrational Games is once again releasing a Bioshock game, but this time the Underwater City of Rapture is nowhere to be found.

Bioshock Infinite will take place in the sky, on the floating city of Columbia. No news has been mentioned yet whether this game has anything at all to do with the previous two.

There's one thing no-one can deny looks fantastic!!!

Check out the Bioshock Infinite Announcement Trailer here (2:27): 

Hitman Absolution

It has been quite some time since a Hitman game was released. The last being Hitman: Blood Money which was released in 2006.

Very little gameplay has been shown as of yet, but if the trailer is anything to go by then it may end up being of a faster pace than previous games in the series.

Check out the Hitman Absolution Official E3 trailer here (1:45)

Tomb Raider

This marks an interesting landmark in the gaming community, as this time Lara Croft will be much younger.

This complete reboot of the genre (simply named Tomb Raider) will be way more gritty and realistic, with more of a focus on survival and Lara's beginnings in Archeology.

Damage shows visibly in the way Lara moves and acts, and looks to have a slight horror element included. Promises have been made that the game will be more open world as well, but only time will tell.

Check out the E3 Trailer here:

Diablo 3

Almost everyone is waiting patiently for Diablo 3 to be released, and the gameplay looks like it will definitely remain true to the last two games.

Blizzard is very obviously putting their all into this game, and when it eventually comes out it will definitely be a top seller.

Looking absolutely stunning, this may just be the best top-down dungeon crawler ever made.

Here's hoping that I'm right.

Check out the Official Blizzard Teaser trailer here:

Final Fantasy XIII - 2

While many didn't like Final FantasyXIII (13) due to it's linear approach, Final Fantasy XIII -2 may just change that a bit.

Though admittedly not as open as previous games in the series (Final Fantasy 1 - 9, 12), Square Enix is looking to fix many of the gripes you may have had.

Following Lightning and many of the other characters from Final Fantasy XIII, the ability to travel through time (Chrono Trigger anyone?) may just be what is needed to make this the success that Square Enix was hoping for the last game.

Check out the Official Final Fantasy XIII - 2 Announcement Trailer here:

Guild Wars 2

While not all of us are into our MMORPG's, the upcoming release of Guild Wars 2 has stirred a great deal of interest.

With interesting races to choose from and a greater focus on graphics, this game looks to be a grand improvement to the first game.

Many World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online players are itching to play something new, and this just might be the game that they're all waiting for.

Check out the Guild Wars 2 Teaser Trailer here:

Prey 2

Prey was a fantastic FPS, and although it didn't do as well as developers had hoped, it was definitely an innovative game for the genre with it's portal system and interesting physics.

Tasked with trying to rescuing his family from a pending alien invasion, Domasi "Tommy" Tawodi (the games protagonist and American Indian) has the help of his spirit guide as he travels through the spaceship they have been apducted to.

Interestingly enough, Prey 2 will not follow the original character, but an entirely new one. Killian Samuels (a US Marshall) starts the game onboard a plane that crashes into the "Sphere" (the alien ship from the first game) and follows him several years later trying to recover his memories on an alien planet as he works as a bounty hunter.

Apparently Tommy will be in the sequel as well, and will assist Killian in trying to take back his old life.

Check out the Prey 2 Official Trailer here:

Prototype 2

The first Prototype game was empowering regarding the abilities you could utilize within the game, and had a good open world design.

Playing as Alex Mercer, you need to piece together what's left of your memories in the pursuit of answers to why you have these new abilities. Within the midst of this, New York is being completely over-run by the infection and in a state of absolute chaos.

While a great concept, and very interesting at first, the missions became very monotonous and left a lot to be desired.

The sequel may change that, with a new main character with the same powers whose main goal seems to be hunting down Alex Mercer who he blames for his infection.

Check the Official Prototype 2 Trailer here:

Halo 4

Everyone thought that the Halo Trilogy was over, but Microsoft will be releasing Halo 4 somewhere in the near future, and many are excited to play it.

It has also been announce that this will actually be the start of a new Halo Trilogy.

Could be very Interesting.

Check out the Halo 4 Teaser Trailer revealed at E3 here:

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