Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How Nintendo can turn the tide for the 3DS

By now, most of us have seen the 3DS's "wonderful" add-on thumb-stick. The reactions have generally been more against it than for it, which is weird because it's kind of been something everyone wanted. I don't know how else you expected it to look, though I can agree that more functions would've been nice. What we all would like to know is whether or not Nintendo will be fully utilizing all the functions of the 3DS or will it be left to its fate like the Wii - a wonderful device that gave me many hours of playtime but all of a sudden seems to have no decent support. 3D is is one of those things that's been receiving mixed reactions. Some love, some hate, some love to hate and so on. I'll admit I hated the 3D before buying the 3DS, because I expected it to be a shallow gimmick. I was impressed, at first, by its clarity but only when I played "Resident Evil - Mercenaries" did I finally see a real use for it.

It makes 3D shooter environments easier to navigate and kill in. In Mercenaries I could headshot with ease with the 3D on, but turning it off made it harder somehow. Personally it felt like I was no longer just directing the character, but now adding to his success in a more
active way. Though I haven't seen many who feel the same way, I do think games like Mario 3D will be a lot more enjoyable now that the 3D world is experienced and not just seen.

What Nintendo is doing...

Apparently Nintendo feels shooting 3D movies is for the better. Hopefully this is just a stepping stone and they'll be getting publishers to utilize the 3D for more than just a "ooooh....3D" reaction.

Mii Plaza and Augmented Reality

One thing I always wished Nintendo did with the Mii's would be to get extra clothes and expressions through DLC, or even as rewards for buying and playing their games.

Imagine your Mii with a Mario Hat from Super Mario Galaxy, and a Luigi Hat from Super Mario Galaxy 2? Even a Mario moustache? The Mii Plaza on the 3DS seems to have much better online support, and that could mean updates.

And while they're at it, they could give us more adventures or puzzles or something. The pedometer is great and all, but using 10 coins to unlock things I will eventually unlock through good old "playing the game" is not a great way to use them.

Augmented Reality is a great thing to show off, but no one really seems to be using it. Shooting a flying head, or taking pictures of
Mario on your co-workers head starts losing its appeal after about 15 minutes.

What needs to be done, somehow, is incorporate your environment into a game - without the player even knowing. Monster's
spawn depending what colour is behind your 3DS, or a Silent Hill experience using your room.

What Nintendo is doing...

As far as the Mii Plaza is concerned, there are some "major changes"

What that means is anyone guess, but apparently a new adventure is coming and some better incentives to get more steps is
also en route.

No major news on AR integration or upgrading. I've seen some really impressive AR stuff on iPhones that already looks better than the 3DS' stuff. Nintendo better plan on doing something if they want to keep it a key feature.


The release titles were not great. Games that should've come out with the 3DS are Mario, Zelda, Kirby and Metroid games for sure, and Nintendogs and Sufferage Pushed Back 30 years: The Game for the ladies. Instead we ended up with Splintercell (what?), Dinosaurs 3D (whaaaat?), and Nintendogs 3D (WHAAA~ oh, wait). Ocarina of Time flew in to save the day, but haters decided it would still be fun to bash. Starfox 3D has also been met with mixed approvals. Dead or Alive : Dimensions was surprisingly well made with nice support for the motion sensor and decent 3D visuals.

What Nintendo is doing...

This doesn't just fall to Nintendo, but every time they do something weird a bunch of publishers get nervous. The price drop did seem to give a bunch of them some gas. Having Capcom announce they might be dropping the Wii and the 3DS doesnt help matters though. Mario 3DS, Mario Kart and even Kid Icarus look like exciting titles that will be using a lot of the 3DS' power, and surely this will boost sales for the 3DS once again, but unless some draw dropping, mind changing experiences are given to us, gamers are going to start supporting more and more apps and mobile gaming with iPhones or Android devices.

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