Thursday, 8 September 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - review

Not everyone remembers the original Deus Ex, so for many of you the mounting excitement over the release of this game would have gone unnoticed.

However, for those of us that did play it, this prequel to the original had a lot to live up to.

The game is set in 2027, before the events of the original Deus Ex (set in 2052) and the world is very much in conflict as to whether augmentation (the replacement and enhancement of organs and body parts) is ethical or whether it detracts away from what it means to be human.
The plot is filled with conspiracy and twists and turns that leave you wondering who is behind the series of disasters and terrorist attacks throughout the game.

I won’t go into much detail on the story however, because I’d hate to spoil it for you if you’re planning on playing it.

The Game starts off with a very linear approach to gameplay and has a similar feel to Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell, as stealth plays a large part in how you progress.Ducking behind cover is essential to avoid large groups of enemies converging on your position.

Once the introductory section of the game is over though, the choices offered become quite extensive and greatly impact the way you progress through the story. Deus Ex begins to feel more like Mass Effect after a while, with it’s brilliantly crafted dialogue and exploration.

There are also usually several different ways to access areas, with options to traverse rooftops as an example (avoiding conflict almost completely), or going in guns blazing.

Environments become more open as you find yourself walking though a futuristic and stunningly designed Detroit City. There are side missions that require some strategy in order to accomplish, and some of them are only accessible once you have certain augmentation upgrades.

Augmentations are used to upgrade your abilities as you play, and are available through gaining experience and Praxis points.

Praxis points are used to purchase upgrades that give you several useful abilities like being able to jump off a building with no loss of health or being able to pick up objects that were originally too heavy to carry or throw. Other examples include upgrading your inventory size and stealth abilities like seeing through walls.

Guns are also upgradeable, with options like adding extra ammo capacity or a laser site to give greater accuracy being some of the first upgrades to become available.

The way the RPG elements of the game are structured give it a great deal of depth when it comes to gameplay, and provide you with some very useful skills to use against your enemies, or to allow access to areas that weren’t available initially.

Other areas open up eventually, which give you access to shops where you can buy and sell equipment and “Limb clinics” where can purchase further upgrades and Praxis points for augmentation.

Even dialogue provides you with multiple options to choose from. (Sometimes with unintended consequences.)

Each individual aspect to this game is by no means brilliant on it's own, but there is a perfect harmony between First Person shooter combat, Stealth and RPG progression giving the player a complete and well rounded experience.


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