Monday, 29 August 2011

Countdown of the Top 10 games that should be remade

The remake engine is in full overdrive as we all know, and although some of these games are nowhere near the quality of  the original, there are others that surpass our expectations. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Alice: The  Madness Returns are great examples of this) There are some games though that are just as deserving of a remake in High Definition or even a sequel. Here are the top 10 games that I would love to see (including one or two games that readers have mentioned). Let's keep our fingers crossed that one day we will get to see them.


Simcity was a fantastic simulation game that made you mayor of your own city which you had to design and build complete with an economy, transport system, crime level and natural disasters to deal with. You created houses, apartment blocks, hospitals, industrial buildings, churches, and many other structures which all in turn helped you develop and maintain your city.

Although this game has seen a recent remake on Facebook, a graphically superior PC or console version would once again see us spending countless hours building our cities up, as well as cursing like crazy when a hurricane tears through half of it, just to force us to build it all up again.

9.)Commander Keen

Why is Duke Nukem the only ID software side-scrolling platformer that gets to have a first-person shooter made from it? One of the first Side-scrolling games that came from the studio was Commander Keen, and was immensely popular as well as a lot of fun. Truthly, whether they release a first-person shooter sequel of it, or a HD remake on Xbox live or PSN Network I'd definitely give it a try.


Undying was one of the only first-person shooter's that was truly scary, mostly due to majority of the plot being developed by none other than horror author - Clive Barker. With it's terrifying supernatural story, and "Scrye" spell which gave you the ability to see things that most humans couldn't (such as hanging bodies from gargoyles in the courtyard, or blood dripping up to the ceiling) If this was remade I would not recommend playing it at night in the dark.


This game saw you manuevering a ship through a labyrinth of areas in which you could navigate in any direction and face off against other ships. Part flight simulator and part First Person Shooter, this game would work well with an Xbox or Playstation controller and once again we would have to develop our sense of direction and reflexes beyond their usual limits.

6.)Black and White

Before Fable, Lionhead studios developed a game that put you in the shoes of a god who controlled his followers either through good miracles or through evil, destructive ones. The goal was to gain as many followers as possible by making villagers believe in you. And whether this was done directly through the miracles you performed, or by the giant godzilla-sized animal that you chose, nurtured and trained to do your bidding (complete with leashes and tricks to learn.) it was always satisfying to progress through the storyline. A sequel was released as well, but Lionhead eventually gave up on this one. I still say it had so much potential for the future.


News surfaced last year that a new sequel was being developed for this series, but further information was scarce and no-one seems to know if it's still in the works.
It put you in control of a giant robot, armed to the teeth will all manner of weapons and customizations. Even if a new one isn't released, I would love to see a remake of the best of the series with it's brilliant music and excellent mechanics - Mechwarrior 2.


There hasn't been a new Warcraft game in many years and even though Blizzard continues to release new content for their MMORPG - World of Warcraft, I would like to see them go back to their Real-time Strategy games with Warcraft 4. After the success of Starcraft 2, this would be a good move on Blizzard's part in my opinion, and with the continuing storyline of World of Warcraft, much of the content could be used to make a true successor to the Warcraft games.

3.)Chrono Trigger

Easily one of the most enjoyable turn-based Japanese RPG's for the Super-Nintendo, it had one of the best and original stories for it's time, giving you the ability to travel through time to different periods on the fantasy world it was set in. Fantastic gameplay and lengthy play time meant there was hours and hours of gameplay to be had. This game has been ported to mobile phones, The original Playstation 1 and the Nintendo DS, with a playstation network release sometime this year, and although these are re-releases, a sequel for this generation of consoles is certainly well overdue.

2.)Dune 2

Earlier this month I held a poll on facebook as to certain games that may deserve a remake. The option to add other games to this list was left open to the members. One game was added to this list and this one game also happened to be the only one that was voted for - Dune 2: Battle for Arakis.Developed by Westwood Studios and Pre-dating Warcraft, Starcraft and the Command and Conquer series, it was a the basis for all of these real-time strategy games, and one of the most difficult. Although sequels have been released on more than one occasion, they never really lived up to Dune 2, and so it's justifiable that this one sits high on the list for a remake.

1.)Final Fantasy 7

And the winner is........Final Fantasy 7.

If one game deserves to be number 1 on the list for a chance to be remade, it's definitely Final Fantasy 7. The first Final Fantasy to be released on the Playstation 1, and also the first to feature three dimensional aspects in both gameplay and world exploration, it was undeniably the most popular and one of the most emotional game moments in history. Spanning 3 cd's and beautifully rendered for it's time, it was easily the best in the series. A CGI movie sequel was made a few years ago with the Title: Final Fantasy 7 - Advent Children. Extremely well received, all Final Fantasy fans (new and old alike) are all calling for a HD version of this game. No news of it has ever been announced, but many people are hoping for it. 

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