Monday, 29 August 2011

Countdown of the Top 10 games that should be remade

The remake engine is in full overdrive as we all know, and although some of these games are nowhere near the quality of  the original, there are others that surpass our expectations. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Alice: The  Madness Returns are great examples of this) There are some games though that are just as deserving of a remake in High Definition or even a sequel. Here are the top 10 games that I would love to see (including one or two games that readers have mentioned). Let's keep our fingers crossed that one day we will get to see them.


Simcity was a fantastic simulation game that made you mayor of your own city which you had to design and build complete with an economy, transport system, crime level and natural disasters to deal with. You created houses, apartment blocks, hospitals, industrial buildings, churches, and many other structures which all in turn helped you develop and maintain your city.

Although this game has seen a recent remake on Facebook, a graphically superior PC or console version would once again see us spending countless hours building our cities up, as well as cursing like crazy when a hurricane tears through half of it, just to force us to build it all up again.

9.)Commander Keen

Why is Duke Nukem the only ID software side-scrolling platformer that gets to have a first-person shooter made from it? One of the first Side-scrolling games that came from the studio was Commander Keen, and was immensely popular as well as a lot of fun. Truthly, whether they release a first-person shooter sequel of it, or a HD remake on Xbox live or PSN Network I'd definitely give it a try.


Undying was one of the only first-person shooter's that was truly scary, mostly due to majority of the plot being developed by none other than horror author - Clive Barker. With it's terrifying supernatural story, and "Scrye" spell which gave you the ability to see things that most humans couldn't (such as hanging bodies from gargoyles in the courtyard, or blood dripping up to the ceiling) If this was remade I would not recommend playing it at night in the dark.


This game saw you manuevering a ship through a labyrinth of areas in which you could navigate in any direction and face off against other ships. Part flight simulator and part First Person Shooter, this game would work well with an Xbox or Playstation controller and once again we would have to develop our sense of direction and reflexes beyond their usual limits.

6.)Black and White

Before Fable, Lionhead studios developed a game that put you in the shoes of a god who controlled his followers either through good miracles or through evil, destructive ones. The goal was to gain as many followers as possible by making villagers believe in you. And whether this was done directly through the miracles you performed, or by the giant godzilla-sized animal that you chose, nurtured and trained to do your bidding (complete with leashes and tricks to learn.) it was always satisfying to progress through the storyline. A sequel was released as well, but Lionhead eventually gave up on this one. I still say it had so much potential for the future.


News surfaced last year that a new sequel was being developed for this series, but further information was scarce and no-one seems to know if it's still in the works.
It put you in control of a giant robot, armed to the teeth will all manner of weapons and customizations. Even if a new one isn't released, I would love to see a remake of the best of the series with it's brilliant music and excellent mechanics - Mechwarrior 2.


There hasn't been a new Warcraft game in many years and even though Blizzard continues to release new content for their MMORPG - World of Warcraft, I would like to see them go back to their Real-time Strategy games with Warcraft 4. After the success of Starcraft 2, this would be a good move on Blizzard's part in my opinion, and with the continuing storyline of World of Warcraft, much of the content could be used to make a true successor to the Warcraft games.

3.)Chrono Trigger

Easily one of the most enjoyable turn-based Japanese RPG's for the Super-Nintendo, it had one of the best and original stories for it's time, giving you the ability to travel through time to different periods on the fantasy world it was set in. Fantastic gameplay and lengthy play time meant there was hours and hours of gameplay to be had. This game has been ported to mobile phones, The original Playstation 1 and the Nintendo DS, with a playstation network release sometime this year, and although these are re-releases, a sequel for this generation of consoles is certainly well overdue.

2.)Dune 2

Earlier this month I held a poll on facebook as to certain games that may deserve a remake. The option to add other games to this list was left open to the members. One game was added to this list and this one game also happened to be the only one that was voted for - Dune 2: Battle for Arakis.Developed by Westwood Studios and Pre-dating Warcraft, Starcraft and the Command and Conquer series, it was a the basis for all of these real-time strategy games, and one of the most difficult. Although sequels have been released on more than one occasion, they never really lived up to Dune 2, and so it's justifiable that this one sits high on the list for a remake.

1.)Final Fantasy 7

And the winner is........Final Fantasy 7.

If one game deserves to be number 1 on the list for a chance to be remade, it's definitely Final Fantasy 7. The first Final Fantasy to be released on the Playstation 1, and also the first to feature three dimensional aspects in both gameplay and world exploration, it was undeniably the most popular and one of the most emotional game moments in history. Spanning 3 cd's and beautifully rendered for it's time, it was easily the best in the series. A CGI movie sequel was made a few years ago with the Title: Final Fantasy 7 - Advent Children. Extremely well received, all Final Fantasy fans (new and old alike) are all calling for a HD version of this game. No news of it has ever been announced, but many people are hoping for it. 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

3 reasons your better half should be happy you play games

 We all love our games, but there are times when our girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband just doesn't understand our completely justifiable need to play games until the early hours of the morning, regardless of being a week night or the fact that we need to get up early for work. Here are 3 reasons why they should just accept it for what it is, and even be proud of it.

1.) The Break-in or midnight theft scenario

All of us have heard stories of break-in's in the  middle of the night, while the innocent couple is lying in bed sleeping, peacefully unaware of an intruder who breaks in through a window to steal your valued possessions and ready to tie you up just in case you wake up. The very last thing the intruder would expect is a completely lucid gamer, already filled with adrenaline from playing Call of Duty, and wielding a very dangerous Playstation or Xbox controller aimed at their face.

It's already a weapon anyway, and we know how to use it. And what the're just one more frag.

2.)Keeping the couch warm for you in the morning

Ladies, picture this.....It's Friday, and after work you've popped past the shops and purchased the latest season of Greys anatomy or the DVD of Eat, Pray, Love only to realize that you're just too tired after a hard week at work to do anything but sleep when you got home. You decide to watch it on Saturday morning.

What a great feeling to wake up and see that your thoughtful boyfriend stayed up all night just to keep the couch warm for you for when you decide to watch it. He even made sure the TV was on so when you woke up, it was ready for you. He's so sweet, isn't he.

3.) Cleaning out the fridge

Imagine waking up to find that all the food in the fridge that had already passed it's expiration date was conveniently gone. All because the wait in-between matches or a sudden raid instance or dungeon popped up unexpectedly, interrupting the need to eat decent well-prepared food. There just wasn't time to check and whatever was easily consumed took precedence over preparation and foresight.    

And so you see that gamers are actually true romantics at heart, and we do it all out of love. The more we game, the more we show we care.


Friday, 26 August 2011

What it's like to play online games as an adult - comic

Check this comic out. If you play online games at all you should find it quite funny. Click on the link below to check it out.

What it's like to play online games as an adult

Thursday, 25 August 2011

2D fighting game popularity still on the rise

In 2009, the revival of a genre of games that had lost much popularity began to make it's comeback.

The old-school fighting game.

Many of us remember the days when we used to play Street fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat at the arcade, Twirling the joystick like our lives depended on it, and waving our arms in the air like crazy lunatics when we managed to beat someone after 10 straight defeats.

Many other fighting games followed, like Tekken, Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive to name a few, and although all of these games have continued to release sequels, they focused on bringing the genre to a new level of graphical quality, adding three dimensional arena's and elaborate combination moves, but doing away with fireballs and special attacks.

All of these games were fantastic, and I've played all of them to the point where my thumbs were seriously cramped and in pain, but still loving every minute of it. 

Over the years though, the genre lost much popularity and waned greatly in interest, as more popular genre's of the time, like the first person shooter seemed to take over almost the entire industry.

However, the game that has always defined the fighting genre has always been the Street Fighter series, and with the release of Street Fighter 4 in 2009 with it's three dimensional characters, but strangely familiar two dimensional arenas........people are suddenly enjoying the original formula all over again.

Sure, it looks much better on a graphical level, but the method of gameplay is almost exactly the same and just as fun as it always was, and it makes sense that the series that defined the fighting game brings it back to life.

And of course Capcom (The Developer responsible for the Street Fighter series) is intent on bringing us more fun. Last year they released "Marvel vs Capcom 3", which was another much-loved fighting game brought back to life. Marvel comics characters versus many of Capcom's best game characters? What's not to love?

They've now followed up two follow-ups to this (Super street Fighter 4, and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade edition) and the very unexpected upcoming "Street Fighter X Tekken" which will have all your favourite characters from both Street Fighter and Tekken in one game. (both made by Capcom, just in case you're wondering.)

This has obviously benefitted in sales of Capcom's other fighting game franchises, as a new Tekken game is on the way (Tekken Tag Tournament 2), as well as a new Soul Calibur game (Soul Calibur 5).

The New Mortal Kombat is definitely also worth mentioning, as their focus is also going back to their original roots.There is a new Dead or Alive game, and a version of Street Fighter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS as well. (Both spectacular in full 3D)

The yearly Evolution Championship Series Tournament (Evo for short) was held in Las Vegas last week. It's the biggest fighting game championship in the world, and was a resounding success, with more competitors and spectators than ever before, filling the venue to near over-flowing capacities.

It seems the 2D fighting game is back with a vengeance.....and doing extremely well.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Retrogaming - Revisiting days gone by

Everyone loves playing a new game, and even if it falls lower than your expectation, the initial excitement of watching the first cut-scene and going through the beginning parts of the game are more often than not the most exciting thing about it.

Some of these games will be classic's in later years and some won't, but the real classics are the ones we played when we first started gaming. For me it was games like Space Quest, Pitfall, Pac-man, Double Dragon and Super Mario Bros. Of course, for me to list every one of these would take forever.

I remember playing the Atari with it's massive pixels, and I remember playing Altered Beast, Megaman and Super Mario bros for years, until the music stayed in my head for good.

Over the last few years there's been a massive resurgence of popularity in these games, both with fans and with Developers. Whether it's Xbox Live, the PSN Network or The Nintendo E-shop you'll find hundreds of these games for download.....some of them even in their original forms.

It's called Retrogaming, and this nostalgic look back at the games that defined us is a brilliant and powerful example of how much these games actually meant, and how much we enjoyed them.

I still take the time to go back to these games on a regular basis, and even to play some that I'd never played before. I only finished Final Fantasy 3 on the Super Nintendo last year and found it to be one of the best games I'd ever played.

Graphics don't always have to matter, because sometimes it's the simple fun a game offers that can make it the most rewarding. There are so many people who are playing games today that were made before they were born, and it makes me smile. This is how it should be.

Just remember that some games will come and go.......but Tetris and Pacman will be with us forever.   

Monday, 22 August 2011

Deus Ex - Human revolution about to be released

The original Deus Ex was a fantastic game for it's time. Originally released on PC back in 2000, it was a combination of First-person shooter and Role-playing game set in a futuristic world in the year 2052 where cybernetic augmentation was common-place and terrorist factions ran rampant. You played JC Denton - an agent for the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition who could utilize different augmentations to carry out his missions.

The game was interesting because it combined elements of Role-playing and character customization, with First Person action and stealth.

Rated the best PC game of all time in PC gamers top 100 games, it stood to reason that eventually it would get a remake in High Definition.

Eidos seems to have outdone themselves this time, with a game that's actually a prequel to the previous game and looks as beautiful as it is dangerous. The art style is brilliantly realized in steam-punk styled, futuristic dystopia where the world is on the brink of chaos.

When I first saw the original trailer for this game, I was already impressed with the quality of the cinematics and focus on story presented.Full of action, emotion and technological wonder, the trailer ended off with a mysterious woman's voice stating "It's not the end of the world........but you can see it from here." This game really looks to pull on the heart-strings, and create the emotions in all of us we crave from good story-telling.

Watch the trailer here to see what I'm talking about - Deus Ex Human Revolution Cinematic trailer

Deus Ex - Human revolution is being released around the 26th of August on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Facebook Group and Twitter

Hi Everyone,

Future Pixel now has a group on Facebook and is also on Twitter.

Follow the link to the Facebook Group below.

Future Pixel Facebook

Also, search for "futurepixelblog" to find us on twitter.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Call of Duty vs Battlefield - Who will win the war this year?

Over the last few years the war between Activision and EA (to be more specific - the war between the Battlefield series and the Call of Duty series) has raged on over popularity every holiday season.

While both have generally been on equal footing with regards to the Single Player Campaigns, it's generally been the multiplayer that's made these games stand out from the crowd.

While the Call of Duty series has generally come out on top over the last few years, the Battlefield series is finally set to compete at the same level.

Strangely enough, originally it was the Battlefield series that catered for the first person multiplayer masses, with Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2.

Both games series have their good points.Call of Duty has it's weapon and equipment customization and levelling system, and Battlefield has it's Vehicle combat and realistic damage.

Customization was generally more limited in Battlefield, but all of this will be changing in the latest installment - Battlefield 3 (the latest in the original numbered series) will apparently have 10 times the amount of weapon and equipment customization, and also include destructible environments for increased realism.

Battlefield 3 was shown at E3 this year and wowed the audience, showing a seemingly open world map with the players riding a tank over the open desert.

Battlefield 3 Tank Gameplay E3  

While Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 looks to continue their existing winning formula, a lot of the attention seems to be on Battlefield 3 and we may see the tides turn this year.

Of course, both companies continue to claim their product is better than the other and have resorted to name-calling and slander to belittle their competitors.

There was even some drama last month regarding links to Call of Duty's sites that were hacked to re-route to the Battlefield sites.

Both Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 will be released later this year, and it'll be difficult to say which one is better until they're released, but we may see a change in which way it swings.

Who do you think will come out on top?

Friday, 19 August 2011

Borderlands 2 due for release in 2012

For those of you who played the first Borderlands game and loved it as much as I did, the news that there'll be a sequel released in 2012 is exciting to say the least.

The first game was a post-apocalyptic first person shooter with RPG elements and an open world.

With it's cell-shaded graphics, twisted humour and excellent levelling system it was in my opinion easily one of the best games of 2010.

The game provided you with 4 classes (Soldier, Berserker, Siren and Hunter) who each had individual special abilities that could be upgraded as you levelled.

Guns were randomly generated with over 7 million variants with different stats and attributes.

And although the stand-alone game took a fairly long time to finish, there was a constant release of additional content through expansion packs over the next year.

Rest assured, this is no expansion though, as 2k games is intent on changing almost every aspect of the game to cater for issues that people may have had with original.

Even the character classes have changed, with the first being the "Gunzerker".

 Borderlands, Borderlands 2, FPS, First person shooter, sequel, RPG, Gunzerker, claptrap, Future Pixel, gaming, games, videogames, celshaded
This class is apparently more suited to shooting than the Berserker of the original game, with the ability to duel-wield. Meaning you could have a rocket launcher in the one hand and a Uzi in the other.

Apparently, much of the emphasis will be on the story this time, with side-missions playing a greater role in the overall plot.
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